While offline on my personal blog, I have been fast and furious emailing and phoning back and forth with various friends and family re: the spontaneous emergence of a new and very Aquarian group action that we consider not just important, but vital, should we wish to take back our Mother Earth from the truly evil globalists. And we do.

I will tell the backstory of how this action came about at a later date. Be aware: it’s slam dunk full of synchronicities, so I KNOW it’s not only real, but required. And exceedingly timely.

In short, we need to dispel the rampaging F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that has, once again in 2021, thanks to the rollout of the “delta variant” psy-op,  quickly and massively pulsed into the unconscious collective mind from above and below and within and without. We are surrounded by, seemingly surrendered to, FEAR; even we who consider ourselves conscious and awake are in danger of succumbing, drowning in this poisoned air, water and soil of FEAR. Unless, that is, we learn how to alchemize it.

But first, we need to realize what we are dealing with.

What We Are Dealing With

We need to realize that we are not just dealing with a — now mutating? — “virus,” even if that virus is patented and bio-engineered. Though promoted by both “experts” and the MSM — if it indeed exists (it has never been isolated) — as more powerful than most, this virus is still just one of millions of constantly mutating viruses that our brilliant (when functioning) human immune systems deal with every single day of our lives.

ATTENTION: This particular virus is also either acting like a parasite, or is hybridized with a parasite; and it is this parasitic action that is sucking humans into what has transmogrified into a thick, slimy, swampy cesspool of FEAR.

Those susceptible to this sucking action tend to be fear-based anyway.  These are the ones who are largely unconscious of their own unhealed past traumas (personal, ancestral, and cultural), and so suffer from PTSD. The parasite sucks upon and proliferates from the unhealed traumas.

This parasite,  some say, was introduced by aliens, namely reptilian overlords; for them, our fear is their food. The more fear they can suck out of us, the more food for them (also called “loosh”).

Meanwhile, a third factor that figures in here, and that is nano AI, also in some way hybridized with the virus/parasite. It is this third factor that aims to turn human beings into robots, “transhuman” machines, “smart” people out of touch with their own divine souls, programmed to be controlled by the evil globalists as they speed up this dramatic ongoing finale of their long-planned New World Order. The nano AI is nothing new: likely it’s in our food, water, air (through chem trails), even our clothing — and more.

So this hybridized virus is very very special! And especially special to it is the powerful parasitic action, which is why, BTW, ivermectin, which is used by vets to de-worm horses, WORKS. 

In fact, it was in meditating on the action of ivermectin, that a group of us begin to realize that what we are dealing with is this 3-way hybrid form: virus/parasite/nano AI.

In this process, with help of our guides, we began to conceive of a meditation which we could do regularly, to clear the Earth (including our own bodies), the Air, and the Water via the cleansing Fire of our own open, awakened hearts. As both Wikileaks and Project Veritas demonstrate: COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.

“Heart,” in French = coeur.

This fiery coeur-age is that of the LOVE that fills and fuels the universe, coursing through our awakened, opened hearts, with endless, overflowing abundance.

In our service as spiritual warriors, willing vessels to fuel this magnificent contagion of courage, we automatically dispel, we alchemically transform, the unhealed PTSD parasitic contagion of fear.

Fear is the only alternative to love. Fear is the absence of love. Love expands. Fear contracts. Love fills and fuels. Fear sucks and depletes. We’re done being sucked into this fear bullshit.

The Meditation

We began yesterday, Sunday, August 22, at the exact time of the 29° Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius (8:02 AM EDT). The 29th degree of any sign is karmic, signifies what we must learn in order to consciously evolve into the next sign. What we must learn is how to open our Leo-ruled hearts, how to fully express our Lion-hearted, courageous Love as sovereign individuals, rather than cower as compliant sheeple in fear of outside “authorities.”  Furthermore, this 29th degree of Leo also just happens to exactly conjunct Regulus, the Lion-Hearted King of the Heavens!

The only instruction we gave each other for this meditation was to bring some kind of anti-parasitic medication or food to the occasion, to symbolize our intention to energetically clear the parasitic infestation of our planetary biosphere, including all creatures that live within, upon, and above her.

Some of us brought ivermectin, either the veterinary kind or the pharmaceutical. Other anti-parasitic material substances include reishi mushroom, ayahuawsca, garlic, and black walnut hull.

We also used burning sage to clear ourselves to begin the ceremony.

Otherwise, the protocols for energetic clearing were up to each individual and group that participated. Most found themselves done within 15-20 minutes. The stories that came out of this inaugural anti-parasitic clearing are already legion, and we’re in the midst of figuring out where we should set up some kind of internet platform for people to contribute, both their own stories and to hold open discussions.

I estimate that about three dozen conscious, heart-opened, love-filled human beings participated in this very Aquarian inaugural cleansing of the parasitic infestation occurring within all dimensions; those I know about so far are located all over the US. — Washington, Montana, New York, California, Louisiana, Indiana, and Michigan.

We will continue this Meditation to Energetically Cleanse Mother Earth’s Biome and Beyond of the Parasitic Infestation each Sunday, at 8:00 AM of whatever time zone the participants live in, and invite all who are so inclined to join us!

Let’s ramp up the ignition of this spontaneous small group action meditation into a decentralized global movement meditation. Nothing less will do. And we can do it!

If you have questions or suggestions, please either comment on this blogpost and/or email me at my new proton address:





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