Let us Utilize the Infinite Power of Imagination to Manifest Heaven on Earth — and Peace in Space

Yes, folks, it’s magic! And it all starts inside, within me, within you, within us. As I say to young people here, “What would you do with your life if there were absolutely no obstacles in your way?” They usually look at me, stunned. On their faces I see this: What, no obstacles? You mean I’m not a victim of circumstances?

I laugh and continue. “Yes. NO OBSTACLES. What would you do?” In other words, who are you, and how are you going to find out? By going after what you really want, NOW. Of course, your goal will evolve over time. You will refine your act. Though at first, we fledglings just blunder along, with each “mistake” or “failure” recognized in hindsight as an important growing point. Hmm. I notice I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see so and so before she left. Or, hmmm, I notice I’m glad I didn’t get that job. On and on. Notice your responses to everything that happens. Become aware of your mind. Develop the witness consciousness.

And above all, begin. Just begin. Start out in the direction of your strong intent. Set your heart on that. No matter how wild or impossible it sounds. Throw caution to the winds and take that first baby step. As you do, notice, WOW! The exact person I wanted to speak with just called me. Or: I just had a dream, and it told me what to do next! Or: A song keeps running through my head, the exact song I need to understand what I’m doing! Or: A book just fell off the shelf and I happened to open it to the exact page I needed!

Yes. If we Follow our Nature then Nature Supports Us. We are not alone.  We are never alone. We, as sovereign individuals, are attuned to, in harmony with, the infinitely mysterious, multidimensional panoply of creation as we begin to carve out the exact path that we, personally, are meant to take in this astonishingly alive, conscious, co-creative universe.

Above all, keep noticing synchronicities as they appear. They are your touchstone, indicating you are on the path. Follow the trail of synchronicities, as the universe morphs itself in the direction of your strong intent.

My own path? Has always been to transform humanity’s historical penchant for War into a vibrantly alive Peace. Photo above with my dear old friend and intrepid, long-term warrior for peace in space Carol Rosin, back in the ’90s, in D.C.

Carol texted me the video below a few months ago. It’s long, and I’ve yet to watch . But I did grab the first minute or two this morning, enough to make me realize that this interview prefigures a strong, numinous dream that my former brother-in-law, John, experienced, only hours prior to last Sunday’s inaugural Let Us Alchemize Fear meditation, August 22, at 8:02 AM EDT, the exact moment of the 29° Leo Full Moon conjunct Regulus, King of the Heavens.

(We plan to continue these meditations, either in groups or alone, but timed so that they occur in concert on a weekly basis, every Sunday at 8:00 AM, for each participants time zone. We are in the process of deciding what kind of platform to use to set up a site where all who participate in these weekly meditations can gather.)

Here is John’s startling, visionary dream, which woke him from sleep, verbatim, as he first voiced and then emailed to me, at my request:

In this vision I was in this field where I could see from horizon to horizon and on this field I saw all these military troops marching; hundreds of thousands of them marching and I knew that they were leaving.  In the air above I saw military planes, helicopters and jets filling the skies above flying away in the same direction as the troops. Then I saw several large helicopters carrying, lifting battleships and aircraft carriers and naval ships of all sizes through the air in the same direction – I knew as I watched this unfold that they were all leaving.  I was then taken to this place in the hills I think near water and I saw these entire buildings including some that looked like condo’s and office buildings being carried like the ships through the air in some I could see people one in fact was in a bathrobe on the balcony peering over the railing.  Again I knew that these were all part of the same complex as the military troops, and naval vessels – perhaps industrial partners?  I was then shown one of these buildings being pulled out of the ground like a large tree with roots it came out of the ground and was lifted by these helicopters and flown away.  As I looked down the hole created by the extraction of this building with roots seemed to fill in and be restored and a voice told me that this was now land that people could use (to grow food, to live on, to enjoy).  All this felt like an exodus of military forces and the industries that feed off them for power.  It was definitly a departure a leaving as opposed to marching off to battle – they were leaving and it was not important where they were going.

Carol texted me today to say this, in response to the article posted below:

Russia and China have fervently opposed US plans for the deployment of offensive weapons systems in space for over a decade, jointly proposing a treaty to prevent such arms from being deployed by any nation. Earlier this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that there was “still a chance” to reach an agreement on the issue.

Congressional Report Frets over US Lack of “Systems Which Can Hold Off” Russia’s Hypersonic Weapons 




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