Compounding Synchronicities POINT THE WAY

Yesterday afternoon, a niece called me from near the Canadian border, told me her husband, who works for the border patrol,  was on duty at the southern border and brought back Covid. Their two kids barely noticed it. But the two adults were really sick. After four sweaty, feverish days, her twin sister called, told her to take Ivermectin. She got the animal kind, for a 1200 pound horse. Took the amount calibrated for her weight, and within four hours began to feel much better.

A few hours earlier, I had sent the first post on this subject to both her and her younger sister, a permaculturist. In response to receiving the post, the younger sister called the older one to say that she has been experimenting with Artemisia, otherwise known as Sweet Annie, as another anti-parasitic for Covid.

The younger sister called the older one because she had noticed that Artemisia had another name, “Sweet Annie,” just after they had both received my (their Auntie Annie’s) email.

So that’s one synchronicity, and they both noticed it.

But it gets much stranger, more magical.

Yesterday, during our regular Tuesday morning work party, I had been busy clearing “weeds” from the back patio garden. Eyeing three strange plants, I asked housemate Ethyl, what do you think, pull these? She was on her way somewhere else and didn’t respond.

I began to pull them out, when I suddenly felt the urge to stop — and smell them. Oops! What is this? I called Ethyl over, and she found out, through her phone app, that this plant is Sweet Annie! Which happens to be the same plant Ethyl drank as a tea when she and her boyfriend (both vaxxed, by the way) got Covid! Ethyl had told me about Sweet Annie, that someone local had figured out that it would be good for Covid. She had told me because we’ve started our Sunday Ceremony to rid the world of the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) inducing covid parasite — and she knew Sweet Annie was anti-parasitic.  But she had never seen it as an actual plant! And wouldn’t you know, Sweet Annie/Artemesia is growing voluntarily just outside! And I had just about gotten rid of it, but then did not, due to a sudden desire to smell it!


Here’s the one that’s still in the ground, surrounded by perilla, another magically medicinal plant. We’re going to tincture the two I impulsively pulled out.


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  1. Loved hearing about these synchronicities and have been loving your blog so much. Thank you.

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