Trump, RFK Jr. and Pfizer. WHAT’S THE REAL STORY?

Yesterday, I ran across this  —

Robert Kennedy Jr. Blows Whistle On Pfizer Donating $1 Million To Trump Inaugural – See What Happened Following That (Video)

— which blew my mind, briefly. Then I came to, and realized: there’s something else going on; something I am not privy to. But it sure as hell isn’t what it seems to be.

In other words: I do not sense that Trump was “bought off.” In fact, he is one of the few people in the world who cannot be bought off,  given his legendary business acumen.

But: I do find it interesting that RFK Jr. chose this moment to reveal that Pfizer paid one million dollars to Trump’s inaugural, and that it was after he was inaugurated that Trump (who had asked to work with him in the first place) no longer wanted to work with him re: vaccines. What’s that about? Kerry Cassidy asks this question, and since she realizes that neither Trump nor RFK Jr. can be bribed, she wonders just what kind of threats both have been under.


Perhaps RFK Jr. chose this moment to reveal the Pfizer donation because of his conviction that WE CAN WAIT NO LONGER?  See video below, made on August 23, the day the FDA supposedly okayed the Pfizer “vaccine(s).” (Or did it?)

RFK Jr.:  We must step forward, and speak our minds, no matter what the cost, if we wish to dissolve the deep state that has (as Juan O Savin notes here, at the 58 minute mark, thanks to Kerry for the tip) MK Ultra-ed, not just individuals, as before, but the entire global society (those who do not have their own minds, that is, and thus can be brainwashed) into F.E.A.R., which turns people into compliant, obedient sheep, now being driven pell mell towards the transhuman totalitarian cliff of NWO oblivion.

R.F.K. Jr. is serious. In fact, he’s desperate. We can wait no longer. “Each of us needs to do three civil disobediences a day.”

A Message From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. One Year After the Historic Rally in Berlin: “It’s Time For (peaceful) Civil Disobedience!”

I’d say yes, definitely. Also, and perhaps even more crucial, is to recognize that whatever happens in the material world happens first in the world of imagination. That the energetic realm precedes the material, and that therefore if we consciously focus there, we will also effect change. And, if enough of us do this, meditate together, at the same time, once each week, to alchemize the parasite that feeds on the plandemic of Fear by opening our hearts to the infinite Love that fills and fuels the universe . . . Yes.  As more and more of us (whether vaxxed or not) meditate together, and with sacred intent, on a regular basis,  we will alchemize a seemingly miraculous transformation in the material realm.

When? Sunday, 8 AM, your time zone, with cupped hands holding Earth as a ball, plus  Ivermectin and/or another powerful anti-parasitic. Together, we clear the F.E.A.R. parasite from Earth, Water, and Air with the loving Fiery courage of our opened hearts.

This will be the second Sunday meditation. See previous posts on this new blog site for news of the first.

P.S. Bill Hicks approves.

One thought on “Trump, RFK Jr. and Pfizer. WHAT’S THE REAL STORY?

  1. Dear CHD Team, dear Rita,

    Patents and studies made by…Ralph S. Baric and Christian Drosten in 2020!!
    What I already thought for some time now is possible, like with ´backdoors´ in soft- and hardware to spy on everyone, that there is a large possibility created that they will build in strains in f.e. the measles vaccine for very young children (from 2 months and older) combined with the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein!

    As described in the Genbank; “synthetic SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein” /name=”codon-optimized for Homo sapiens…..genetic OPTIMIZED for Homo Sapiens in a coop. with Ralph Baric, Christian Drosten and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Germany! In September 2021 EVERYONE in Germany MUST protected and vaccinated against measles! Already in March 2020 a vaccine passport was intruduced in ALL schools by Minister of Health and member of the ´Atlantik Brücke´ (founded by Warburg Family) Jens Spahn!

    I am realy worried about this stage combined with 1. the personsn involved like Srosten and Baric 2. the timing of the law in Germany, vaccinepass at schools obligatory in March 2020 and 3. The inauguration by Chancellor Merkel and Tedros WHO of the WHO Hub for Pandemic Epidemic Intelligence in Germany

    So PLEASE found out about this backdoor in the measles vaccine for young children in both Europe and I am sure the US and worldwide! The Plandemic goed MUCH further then we think right now!

    Kindest regards from Germany,


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