OUR Fertility, as Creators, knows no bounds. Our bursting, courageous LOVE ALCHEMIZES F.E.A.R.

After our weekly Green Acres Community Dinner,  on Thursday, two days ago, podmate and fellow Sunday meditator Gabrielle pulled a Tarot card from Jenny’s deck (Jenny is one of the three meditators at our original meeting on the front porch last Sunday). Wouldn’t you know . . . (See several other posts this week. And always remember to follow the trail of synchronicity, if you wish to recognize how the mysterious universe bends in the direction of your strong intent!)

From New Zealand, via my new protonmail, from a woman who belongs to group of mainly women and “literally a Few Good Men.” They discovered that that their “Group are mainly Empaths, some of whom are more advanced spiritually than others . . . we feel we are all Tribe and in these troubling times discover we are actually Soul Family.  Much more connected to each other than ever will we be to biological family who are lost and have chosen Vaxx-Execution and the narrative.”

More from her message:

I really enjoyed reading your article as it relates to finding our courage which really resonates right now. I appreciate in relation to parasitic cleansing meditation there is no one size fits all, it is purely choice which meditation to use . . .”
Recently, our group during Level 4 lockdown with much heightened escalation of F.E.A.R. amongst the sheep congregated by a riverside to witness our proclamation documentation (removing ourselves from the Crown), we then donned our (mask) exemptions and fashioned pillow case masks (to wear in ridicule if /when we were hassled during a mass supermarket visit).   As we started to leave, it became evident that people out walking had in fact dialed the Police a la NAZI Germany.  Time wise we were leaving to get in our vehicles so unfortunately the show anticipated by these folk failed to occur and the Police had to drive on past slowly but not before one wearing a face diaper cruised past myself and a women with a newborn baby strapped to her chest to ask if we were OK.  We replied ‘Yes, Nice Mask.’
Our mission, to walk unmasked en masse through the supermarket avoiding contact tracing, masking and paying in cash, was a great success in spite of yes, being hassled by staff and the public to don masks.
It is our intention to continue to ridicule the system and to make good use of chalk in public places and on roads, indeed F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal will be my first contribution on the hill road here.
Thank you for brightening my LokUp and giving hope to myself and Tribe.
I am also sorry Americans are having such a lousy time in the US.  Kiwis are thinking of you. 
Yesterday, one of my soul brothers, John, an Empath himself, was driving back to Washington state from time out in northern Montana (currently, John says, the only state in the U.S. with no mask mandates); he says people there don’t wear masks, don’t slink around in F.E.A.R., don’t even talk about it. They are busy leading their lives. Idaho, on the other hand, felt a bit more uncertain; but, when he crossed over the state line into Washington, he was simply stunned by the thick currents of F.E.A.R. coursing through the air, with literally everybody he saw outside wearing at least one mask, and sometimes even a plastic shield.
He stopped in a Starbucks for a coffee. The sign on the front door said, “you must have a mask.” So he went in and asked the clerk if he had an extra mask. The clerk handed him a box to draw one from. John took it, held it in his hand as he went to get his coffee. “Aren’t you going to put the mask on?” the clerk asked. John replied: “It just says I have to ‘have a mask,’ so I do. ” The clerk went out to look at the sign, and came back in amazed. “You’re right!” he exclaimed, as he rang up John’s sale.
John had been listening to RFK Jr., his plea for each of us to do “three acts of civil disobedience daily.” [John was the one who sent that video to me.] O.K., John said to himself: This is how it’s done. I can do this.
Meanwhile, John and I are busy creating the language to describe new Telegram site. It will be a private group site, with the name LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR. The anagram for this is, we realized, laughing, LAF, which another friend, also in our newly formed Sunday Meditation at 8 AM group emailed me, is also a Rune, with this meaning:
And see this:
Geez! Here we go again! Another synchronicity! See previous posts indicating numerous synchronicities this past week following our inaugural Sunday Meditation to utilize the Coeur-age of our Open-Hearted LOVE to energetically alchemize the sucking (Covid) FEAR parasite while holding in our hand Ivermectin or some other suitable anti-parasitic. We scheduled our first meditation for August 22, at 8:02 AM, during the exact time of the Full Moon conjunct Regulus, King of the Heavens, in lion-hearted Leo . . .
From now on, each meditation will be on Sunday, at 8:00 AM (your time), to continue until F.E.A.R, whenever and wherever it seeps in, automatically alchemizes into the Love the fills and fuels the universe.
BTW: Jon Rappoport put out a post yesterday that echoes this idea, when he speaks of Covid madness and conformity versus the LIFE FORCE.
We, folks, ARE the Life Force. Let’s go.
I’ll end this post with the way it began, with one more synchronicity. The same friend and co-meditator who pointed to LAF as a Rune emailed me earlier this same morning: Good sign? Found this precious little one in my collard “tree” up front, after having a dream loaded with other fertility symbols. 

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  1. “A number of states never created a mask mandate in the pandemic, including Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Idaho.”

    Aug 1 2021. “Out of 50 states, only eight states — California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York and Washington — have indoor mask mandates” (which vary).

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