YES! Let us light up the darkness with the power of courage and imagination

I really appreciate this video as it seems to be from someone of the millennial generation, so many of whom are blinded by their leftist indoctrination into wokeness. This guy really gets it, and is VERY articulate. In the second half of the video he showcases another of our courageous doctors, Dr. Ann McClosky, vilified by her peers, and yet nothing stops her from telling the truth. Like the front-line doctors and thousands of others, more and more all the time (see this!), she takes seriously her original Hippocratic Oath,  “First, Do No Harm.”

If you’re into graphic details at the microscopic level and below, here’s an article by Dr. Robert Young, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner, who demonstrates that Graphene Oxide is present in all four CoV-19 “Vaccines.”

(I discussed graphene oxide on exopermaculture, here.)

Remember that though all four inoculates are still classified as “experimental,” and thus do not have to reveal their ingredients, the Pfizer “vaccines(?)” has just been awarded some kind of a pass by the captured FDA; with the caveat that Pfizer reveals the ingredients of their “vaccines(?)” by August 31.

What happens if graphene oxide is not included in Pfizer’s much anticipated ingredient list? Will this mean that Pfizer is outright lying? Or should we then assume Dr. Robert Young’s meticulous demonstration of its presence in all four vaccines is false?

So amazing, how dominion over our own bodies has been systematically hijacked by Big Pharma, Big Med, Big Media, Big Tech, Academia, Big Gov, the FDA, the WHO,  and various so-called authorities like Famous Fauci. Except of course, for those of us who still have our own minds and have NOT been suckered into the sweeping parasitic brainwashing of the masses.

(P.S. More and more of these latter are awakening as this dystopian circus drags on; how many “boosters” will be enough to convince them that NO, their personal freedom should not be at the capricious, devious, or just plain evil whim of any top-down expert, institution or government; furthermore, even if they did get jabbed, usually at least twice, all is not lost: there are ways to mitigate the dire results of the pernicious attempts to kill you.)

Might this mean that once Pfizer is proved to be a liar (because that’s likely what will happen), then We the People will end up taking down, thanks to our meticulously digging and networking digital soldiers inspired by the amazing three-year Q phenomenon, not only this fake PlanScamdemic with its murderous, fake “vaccines,” but all these other top-down institutions as well?

For example, the recent “Patel Patriot, “ a young midwestern digger (who did not even follow Q! — he dug deep and wide on his own, following the lead of the always insightful Thomas Wictor — whom I used to follow until Twitter kicked him off). Patel Patriot’s work brought the notion of DEVOLUTION into public awareness, as an immense, widening perspective that, thanks to his careful reading of myriads of bureaucratic source documents, connects layer upon layer of dots like never before.  Here’s a wonderful current thread that effectively articulates what devolution is all about, if it indeed exists, and you know what? I assume it does. Not just because it offers a kind of supernatural hopium to light up these dark times, but to prove beyond all doubt that the human imagination, when unleashed, can light up the darkest night.


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