“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” That’s for sure . . .

Hand-painted drum, by Marta Quest, from Crones Counsel (www.cronescounsel.org) a continuing offshoot of the original Crone Chronicles.

“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” This was the voice I heard, as I awakened from a numinous dream, back in 1989. WAKE UP! IT’S TIME! That was 21 years ago, three quarters of a Saturn cycle ago, one quarter of a Uranus cycle ago.

The Voice was that of Raven, raucously cawing while fiercly clawing on my shoulders. Immediately, I identified this archetypal messenger with Crone, the elder among us, the one whose wisdom, based on consciously acknowledging, processing, and integrating a lifetime of personal experience, is no longer valued; the one who has been hidden or buried or shunted aside for hundreds of years while western society’s dedication, or better, addiction — to left-brain scientific and technological “progress”  took hold and drove human civilization to the brink of extinction. Which is where we sit now.

Back then, I decided to start another magazine, this one dedicated to Crone, and call it Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, an award-winning quarterly which I published for 12 years. Back issues can be obtained here. 

Now,  I stand at the brink of another opening, this time having let go of another “brand” that I adopted, 12 years ago, namely exopermaculture.com, and in doing so, shed the “permaculturist” identity too, in favor of simply being myself, not having to answer to anyone or any movement nor to frame my own speech and actions in any way other than what moves through me NOW as a “Sovereign Soul, At One With All.”

12 years is the cycle of expansive, generous Jupiter. Sagittarian-ruled Jupiter cycles bring opportunity, to continuously widen and deepen perspective (especially for one such as myself, a Jupiter-ruled double Sagittarian).

As I look forward to my 79th birthday (December 19th), I appear to have inadvertently launched another Jupiter cycle in terms of my “work” here on this planet. Will I manage to complete this new cycle? Will I live that long — or longer? (Sometimes I joke that I’ve decided to “do” four Saturn cycles, which would bring me to age 120 . . .)

Meanwhile, I’m busy attempting, aren’t we all? — to comprehend and help shape the direction of the myriad interstices of the civilizational devolution that has begun, and daily accelerates. For a valuable current compendium of our many interconnected concerns, see this —

Glide Path Low and Dark

And I aim to do so while holding my own center and expressing fully into the world. My new, and very Aquarian (i.e., working with a cooperative group of equals) “project,” to ignite a regular Sunday Meditation at 8 AM in time zones across the globe, which will continuously address, mutate, transform, alchemize the F.E.A.R. parasite that is sucking civilization of the will to live by continuously and subliminally poking at the fear of death, may also be a 12-year cycle. Who knows?

Meanwhile, those interested, might want to read the following pdf which explores a three-day ordeal I underwent back in 2008. In January 2020 (as Saturn and Pluto conjuncted for the first time in 35 years and launched the Covid Con), I was finally able to complete the documentation of this ordeal. Then, early this month of August 2021, I finally began to comprehend more fully, just why I feel impelled to format and present it to the world NOW.

For, it turns out, this personal ordeal in 2008 appears to have prefigured our deepening collective ordeal in 2021.



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