Truckers Strike Against Covid Con?

Remember the run on toilet paper as the scamdemic began to roll out in March 2020? Well, two days ago I hauled home 30 rolls from Aldi. Not because of the damn MSM, which is broadcasting F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) once again like there’s no tomorrow, but because of possible good news: a (worldwide?) TRUCKER STRIKE.

Over the past several weeks I kept seeing rumors of coming trucker strikes, in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. These strikes were to start yesterday, August 31.

On August 30, Gateway Pundit lent credence to the rumors:

U.S. Truckers Plan Nationwide Protest against Mandatory Vaccines

Then this, which included a map:

The Australian Truck Blockade is ON!!


Searching via google, duck duck go, and via twitter, gab, and even telegram, I could find little to help me understand what is or is not going on re: the trucker strike. Especially in the U.S.

If there’s one business that should be labeled essential, it’s cross-country trucking, given the just-in-time ordering of supplies from locations across the globe. Until we truly do de-centralize (another word for the now trending word “devolution”?), we are at the mercy of long-haul transportation systems, and it’s good to know the truckers themselves realize the leverage they wield in this otherwise top-down oligarchy we the people labor under.

However, for what it’s worth, I copy the following email from one of our new Sunday Meditators who has joined my new account. Her name is also Ann, and she lives in New Zealand. I received this email late last night, which means today, September 1, for her.

Only because I was given an update on the truckers here and in Aust. first thing this morning, I am writing this paragraph.  Further to my note around truckers yesterday, it transpires relative to the truckers’ action here and in Australia, propaganda and distortion are occurring.   It would seem in Australia, those truckers who responded to Pauline Hansen’s request to turn around were not aligned with truckers who are still endeavouring to shut down supply lines there.   Can I prove this?  No.   It is word of mouth over phone.      And relative to NZ truckers …  the only available info. I read was from the Truckers’ Union which suggested any action would be a fizzler ….   now I am verbally told NZ truckers have moreover gone to ground strategically.    Unless and until something more happens and / or the media can no longer keep the pretence up, the public at large are being kept firmly in the dark, a place most Kiwis like.
Apparently, there were a lot more people and protests than advised by the media occurring yesterday in NZ  …. the woman who organised the protest to get rid of the PM and MP’s by inviting the Gov. General to use her Reserve Powers and who had dug up dirt on pedophiles in power was seen on camera being asked by the Police repeatedly if she was OK (mentally) …  a predictable segue-way into having her sectioned under a new Mental Health Law passed recently around dissenters.    
The consensus is we need to hold the line, gather with all the other groups, get strategic …   daily we are assaulted with yet more stories of jab deaths and these of course are not deaths reported by media …   affecting community members and friends of friends … yesterday’s horror story was of a 12 y/o girl who has had a heart attack and of a good mate’s family member, that story is of a jabbed Mother with a newborn whose baby died the night before last after she slept with the baby overnight.    …  made all the worse as the family are indigenous and need the body for their funeral ceremonies … authorities are denying access.        My friend who is fighting to get the baby’s body (at the family’s behest) begged her family to not get the jab and was labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist”. 
The Delta Variant (spike protein affecting the jabbed) is not going away and is the reason cited for what we are told is going to be our longest ever LockUp.   Daily dunces queue to be PCR tested to give more fuel to this fire keeping us all imprisoned.   
I will let you know when I re-join Telegram [I had asked her if she wants me to invite her to join our new, private Telegram group LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR (LAF)] and please do not think I am going to be one of those serial email  “ranters” …. not happening.    From now I am going to make like a spider caught in a web and focus on internal quiet …. easy really it is first day of Spring, a gardener’s delight.   
Kindest regards
Today I discovered in our local paper that a popular, historic downtown venue for plays, movies, talks, and concerts, the Buskirk Chumley, closed for the plandemic until now, is going to require either “proof” of vaccine or “negative PCR test” in order to enter the theater.
WOW, just saw this!
Looking into it further, I discover that the so-called reason Australia ended it is because of “the more infectious delta variant.” Makes me want to ask, What “delta variant”? Do they know how to test for the “delta variant,” when they’ve never even isolated the original so-called covid-19 virus? Of course not. This astonishing, ongoing drama is an MK Ultra mind-controlled collective psy-op designed to capture the entire global population and freeze it into F.E.A.R.
Please join our new Sunday Meditation at 8 AM (your time zone), LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR. Or: LAF! — at the ongoing absurdity.

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  1. AU did somewhat cave to the truckers but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also, the truckers are starting to strike here in the U.S.. One store manager told me this morning that they were told the truckers have started to strike. The trucks weren’t moving things to the warehouses so when I was in this particular ALDI, the shelves were not stocked and they were calling people to come in to work to help fill the shelves with whatever they got delivered to them. Also, they are having a hard time filling positions. Many like sitting at home, collecting checks

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