Will Music Again Catalyze Cultural Transformation?

‘This has gotta stop’: Eric Clapton Releases Apparent Anti-Vax Anthem

Amazing that this is on youtube. Wonder when they’ll remove it. Equally amazing, that it was officially noticed (in the column “Celebrities”), by the huffington post. Geez!

Last year, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison composed their first anti-covid song, Stand And Deliver. 

As an old ’60s hippie myself, I well remember that it was our music that got our revolution going. Our thudding, driving harmonics, by turns beautiful and battering, blasted each of us as individuals, and all of us as one, out of “nice” ’50s conformity and numbness into wild, uninhibited, electrifying transformation. From stuck on idle, we ramped up to warp speed within a few sort years. And the fallout from this generational breakthrough, arising during the exceedingly rare Uranus/Pluto conjunction (1962-69) — the last one occurred during the Civil War) — was over-the-top, both dazzling and horrific, back to back, in short order.

As we move deeper into what Clif High has aptly termed The Woo, it’s important to realize that the “powers that be” always aim to steal our idealistic energy and twist it to their own nefarious ends. Remember: Woodstock was followed, only four months later, by Altamont.

Breathe. Center yourself. Whatever is going on, it’s just begun. We need to stand, each of us stalwart and strong, in this accelerating maelstrom for the long haul.

And we elders who are still alive, conscious, and able-bodied, need to be fully present for younger generations, offering our hard-earned wisdom and equanimity, thanks to storied memories of yesteryear.


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