Alt-Epistemology: Who or What to Believe about RDS “Death” — AND MORE!

I put the word “alt-epistemology” in the above title, because some time ago I decided that the only way to work with trying to “figure out” what’s “goin’ down” in the outside world would be to take everything I hear or see from some one else “provisionally,” i.e., I really don’t know. I really have no idea. Unless I have direct personal experience with a phenomenon, I must either trust my source (provisionally), or not . . . with exceptions. See the “AND MORE” part of this post, below.

But I do appreciate this particular source, namely Juan O Savin. Thus, yesterday’s post.

Wondering what really went on with RDS, I listened to Juan O Savin’s view of what happened, finding especially interesting his perception of RDS’s supposed recent change of heart, or “come to Jesus” moment, or some such.

And now, today, I tune into a Tarot by Janine show that completely contradicts JOS, and furthermore, makes the claim that others, for example Gene Decode, said he did not die. That, in other words, much like claims about Epstein and McAfee, the “death” of RDS was a convenient story/distraction/lie to cover something else entirely. And as Janine would say, “there are lots of layers.” I would certainly agree with that!

I did not mention the CIA background of RDS (and as they say, “once a spook always a spook”). Nor did I mention the supposed Covid connection, given that the entire Covid Con, the longer it goes on, the more surprised I am that so many are still not waking up to how they’ve been psy-oped into “be-LIE-ving” whatever the deep state and its media propaganda machine tells them.

But if you do consider the CIA background, then Gene Decode and others may be correct, he might still have all sorts of information that he could be used to give up to the “white hats.”  And/or, he might still have karmic debts to pay for whatever he did in the CIA that he now regrets. Or does he?

In that context, it might be that JOS view, of his spiritual transformation prior to his “death,” may be coded truth.

In any case, please take my post from yesterday with a large grain of salt. Here’s the Janine video, with Juan Claude of Beyond Mystic, and the relevant question is asked nearly a third of the way in. By minute 21, however, it’s over, and they’re on to other questions.

Now, speaking of “truth,” and alt-epistemology, and “direct personal experience,” how’s this for a humdinger?

See this car? It very much resembles one that I and three other Green Acres Village folks not only saw, but investigated, two evenings ago.

The above version is a bit fancier, but otherwise, they look very similar. The one we came across had a slight bit of rust, but not much, and sported very outdated Indiana plates.

We were out walking our dogs, and one of our favorite places is a large green lawn for them to roam off-leash on the grounds of a near-by church. The large parking lot to this church had only a single car parked, this one, this four-door “Hudson” parked in the middle of the lot — with the windows open! That’s the first thing that caught our attention. Why would someone leave such an obviously valuable classic, even antique, vehicle, out in the open with the windows open. Why would it be parked, all by itself, in the middle of a church parking lot?

Coming closer, we peered in, and discovered in the back seat magazines, a number of them in a pile, from the same ’50s era. And next to them, an old, even antique camera, inside an open case. Weird! Podmate Annie dared to try to open the trunk. It worked! Unlocked! And what was in there? More magazines from that same era, other stuff that I can’t recall. why can’t I? It was as if simply couldn’t process what I was seeing. By this time we were all completely dumbfounded. Even freaked! What is going on? The car felt like a stage set. Was someone watching us from the wings? Wondering if we would steal something? I don’t remember if any of us noticed if the keys were still in it. I do remember that Marita said what we were all beginning to think, even though none of us wanted to: “Maybe we entered a time portal? Or the car came in from a time portal? Or something like that?”

If it had just been me, I might have dismissed the memory of seeing the car, and probably wouldn’t have gotten so close to it. But there were four of us, all equally puzzled, and definitely having a “real” personal and interpersonal experience.

I kick myself for not going back home to get my phone to photograph this amazing car. Did go back yesterday afternoon, but of course it was gone. Poof! Just like that!

So what’s real? Indeed, what does “real” even mean? Which brings me back to RDS and JOS, and Gene Decode, and Janine, and whoever else is or is not occupying this same 3D? time and space that does seem to be morphing, minute by minute, into what Clif High calls “The Woo.”



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