Laura Bruno: New Moon in Virgo, September 6, TRINES URANUS (exact)

I find Laura Bruno’s articulate and multi-leveled perspective on the flavor and import of Monday’s New Moon — this Labor Day New Beginning — spot on. Thank you! Plus, I’ll add, the fact that it’s a New Moon in mental Virgo points to detailed, task-oriented, analysis, sorting through and figuring out, critiquing and discerning just what’s what, in all the electrifying (Uranus), earthshaking (Uranus in Taurus) fake and real, layered and chimerical NEWS blasting into the mind, unrelenting, 24/7.

Please pay especially close attention to Laura’s way of addressing the Black Moon Lilith connection.


New Moon in Virgo — September 6, 2021

September 6 New Moon in Virgo at 8:52 p.m. Eastern, trine Uranus. A harmonious trine of Sun/Moon and Uranus within 0°01′ from exact, marks this grounded New Moon with an extra dose of innovation and liberation. Pay special attention to intuition. Uranian insights arrive like a bolt of lightning. Surprising events could shake up the status quo. Recommended mantra: “If not this, then something better.”

The exact trine with Uranus makes it the dominant energy of this New Moon; however, Black Moon Lilith is also trine within two degrees. This gives us a clue as to what type of emotional and conscious liberation and revolution we — as individuals and as a collective — might experience.

I think of Black Moon Lilith as a female version of Pluto, combined with Uranian energy. The Dark Feminine, narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, and autoimmune reactions all fall under Lilith’s purview. Both Lilith and Uranus reject tyranny. They get volatile when they feel oppressed. Topics that could arise for healing include human trafficking and personal sovereignty. Lilith triggers energies around abortion, refugees, personal and national boundaries, literal and metaphorical rape, Satanic Ritual Abuse, sex trafficking, as well as threats of mandatory vaccination. Uranus conjunct Lilith, trining the New Moon, supports innovative solutions to complex problems.

At its lowest vibration, this New Moon could bring Shadow reactions, anarchy and hysteria. At its highest vibration, this New Moon offers healing and a chance to move beyond the reach of tyranny. This shift would occur through liberation and authenticity rather than increased trauma. This time favors a rejection and release of the entire victim-abuser paradigm. Reclaim your sovereignty — whatever that means to you.

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