Sunday Meditation tomorrow: IVERMECTIN is TABOO; therefore, IVERMECTIN is KEY

Nearly two weeks ago, when we were making plans to begin a regular Sunday Meditation at 8:02 AM August 22,  the time of the exact Full Moon at 29° in Lion-Hearted Leo, conjunct Regulus, King of the Heavens, we were talking about “holding Ivermectin or some other powerful anti-parasitic in one’s cupped hands which are also energetically holding Earth as a ball, when one of us suddenly blurted — “Ivermectin! We’d better not mention Ivermectin, it will ‘trigger’ some people.”

Yes. Exactly. That’s why we DO mention it.

I’ve been attracted to taboo for decades. Why? Because whatever is taboo carries an enormous charge. A charge that, when touched, “triggered,” ignites energetically, clears the atmosphere, and opens space for creation.

For example, back in 1989, when a numinous dream of Raven cawing, “WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” segued, within a few days, to Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, a prize-winning print magazine that I published for 12 years, I deliberately used that taboo word “crone” on the cover. “Crone” carried a charge, signifying that the process of growing older, in this culture, especially for women, is to be pitied, shamed, ignored, disguised, etc. I could have used a “nicer” term, but that would have defeated the purpose, which was to energize the collective with an archetypal energy that had been buried for thousands of years.

So too, here. I use the term Ivermectin deliberately. This “horse de-wormer” has been around for decades, and used correctly, is very effective, as Joe Rogan (who “got covid”) has just discovered, and, of course, used his astonishingly gigantic platform to red-pill who knows how many more people.

I haven’t watched this next show, because it’s over 3 hours long. And I do wonder how long youtube will leave it up.

Meanwhile, I’ve been paying attention to the weekly news letter I receive from which has had a plethora of hard-hitting articles lately on the Covid Con and its evil genocidal intent.

For example, Paul Craig Roberts:

The Triumph of Evil: The Suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ in Support of the Covid Vaccination Catastrophe

A few more from the same source:

Let’s face it: in order for us to understand the deliberately EVIL intent of this MK Ultra psy-op to place the entire global civilization in the compliant, cowardly spell of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), we need only pay close attention to two facts that, at this point, no one can deny: 1. the up to 90% fake “false positives” when the fake PCR “test” is set to cycle too high (and it always is); and 2) Big Pharma/MSM/Medical Mafia/Fed Gov/ extremely lucrative suppression of cheap proven remedies that work in favor of “vaccines” and expensive hospital protocols (like Remdesivir and respirators) that maim, sicken, and/or kill. Add in the fake variants and fake stats, all spurred on by fake “politically correct” attitudes including vilification of “anti-vaxxers” — and we have a recipe for genocide that surpasses even world war in its capacity to kill off the all but the 500 million slaves needed to carry out the New World Order service of their global (and off-world) masters.

Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Wrong. I am a conspiracy analyst, noting, and drilling down into the massive long-running, deeply layered conspiracy that links corporate, governmental, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Med, Big Banks — plus Hollywood, Entertainment, Academia, Organized Religion, Politics, etc. etc. etc.

BTW: here’s the Zelenko Protocol, similar to what Joe Rogan followed.


Here’s a reminder, Sunday Meditators: we meet again at 8:00 AM your time, across the world, tomorrow, with Ivermectin and our beloved Earth as a ball in our hands, to energetically utilize the courageous open-hearted LOVE that fills and fuels the universe to alchemize the thick, stuck, gunky, cowardly, parasitic F.E.A.R. that has infected this entire planetary sphere, making it ripe for takeover.

Nope. Not on our watch.

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