The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER


BTW: My way of working with others, my familiars — family, podmates and friends of Green Acres Permaculture Village, other friends and associates — with many of whom I would otherwise argue over ideology: “Let’s just focus on what we have in common.” It works. Beautifully. We are all relieved not to have to “go there.” Instead, we stay present, grounded, centered in the beauty, majesty, dramas, joys and sorrows of the little here and now urban garden paradise we are busy co-creating.

Example: at our Thursday Community Dinner, two evenings ago, one of the participants (a relatively famous, retired academic) said something that indicated he wanted to argue with me (he’s told others that he thinks my views “crazy”); in response, I just warned, grinning, “Bob, let’s not go there. Let’s just not go there, okay?” He laughed. We both laughed, relieved and enlivened by our friendship which runs on beneath any left-brain indoctrination.

The dehumanisation of the Other

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