Third Sunday Meditation, LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR: with son Colin!

I must say, I am so glad Colin suggested we do our regular meditation every Sunday morning, at 8 AM. SO much better than doing it at the exact moment of each quarter Moon. For three reasons: 1) we echo and honor that exact Full Moon at 29° Leo conjunct Regulus on Sunday, August 22 at 8:02 AM, when a few of us, scattered across the world, began to meditate, alone and together, like Lions, courageously opening our Loving hearts with compassion for those Sheeple whose Fear still cripples them; 2) it’s so much easier than figuring out when the quarter Moons are every 7.5 days or so, and furthermore — as Gurdjieff once said, “humans are food for the Moon” — that’s enough! It’s time we let go of tidal swings of emotion, and see through to the infinite cosmic presence in which our Earth/Moon duet is held; and 3) it’s wonderful for me to once again devote a small part of each Sunday morning to some kind of spiritual observance — especially with my own son!

Keep in mind that I was raised Catholic, and that my boys were not. In my early 20s, I began to gradually exit from that extremely strong childhood indoctrination — and I wonder if Colin even knows that it was when I accidentally got pregnant again with him, despite birth control, that I decided to leave the church. Finally, I realized that I needed to be sovereign over my own body, no matter “the Church”‘s demand that I NOT practice anything but the notoriously inexact “rhythm” method of birth control.

In any case, both boys were raised without religious observance of any kind. And certainly neither of them was ever up for some kind of Sunday Meditation! So color me delighted when Colin arrived at about 7:30 AM this morning, ready to do the third Sunday Meditation together with me.

He wanted to do a meditation where we would energetically use our Love to carve out a tunnel to the core of the earth and then shoot back up again, vertically through our bodies and up into the sky, raining down Love everywhere to alchemize Fear before descending once again, to the core. Both descent and ascent done with the breath, while holding our anti-parasitic Ivermectin syringes in our cupped hands. Okay.

I set up a tiny table in front of us, covered with a good cloth, under which the cat Tiger immediately crawled. Placed upon it a candle shaped like a rose, and sage in a sea shell for burning, to clear both of us before we began to meditate.

I followed along with his instructions during the meditation, but found myself visualizing a mushroom cloud . . . now I knew that this visualization probably was due to the fact that I had listened to the latest Clif High audio in the middle of the night, where he talked about five remote viewers having all independently seen a mushroom cloud for September. Clif, notably, did NOT see this happening. Then, after our meditation, I noticed that Tarot by Janine also addressed the issue of the remotely viewed mushroom cloud, and her cards also told her no, that this would not happen, even though, her cards claimed, like so much else, it certainly had been a plan by the bad guys.

In any case, back to the meditation: I kept seeing a mushroom cloud, and yet, because I have worked for years to shift the significance of that cloud, it did not yank me into F.E.A.R. Instead, I energetically did what I always do, alchemize the mushroom cloud as symbolic of a nuclear explosion of human creativity.

And that, as you can imagine, felt very good.

Our intense session was suddenly complete, after only 15 minutes, though we did take a few minutes to tell each other of our experience.



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