U.S. Military Pawn Wakes Up to the Game

The following article was originally posted to reddit in 2015! Would that more young men and women whom the U.S. Military recruited by either catering to their indoctrinated idealism and/or offering enlistment bonuses up to $40,000 would wake up in time to save their own lives from the required CV vaccine, the near-inevitable PTSD — not to mention death (from combat or vaccine), or limbs blown off, faces disfigured . . .

You Grow Up Wanting to be Luke Skywalker, then you Realize You’ve Become a Stormtrooper for the Empire

As we head into the 20th anniversary of 9/11, let us also remember that less than one month later, on October 7, 2001,  the U.S. officially began what is now distinguished as its “longest war,” the 20-year Afghanistan War, a war that the Biden administration has supposedly now backed out of in a manner even more ignominious than that of our hasty, chaotic exit from the Vietnam War.

As usual, it’s high time to ask: why were we there in the first place?  Well, of course, it’s not We the People who wanted to be there. It never is. But We the People are complicit, in that we have gone along with (via employment, consumerism, etc.) what has de facto been the economic engine of this country,  headed up by the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and the Big Banks which need their forever wars in order to continue developing, testing and funding more and more complex and intricate weapon systems to equip both sides of any war for fun and profit (and population reduction, since replaced by the Covid Con). Oh yeah, and in the case of Afghanistan, those poppy fields funded C.I.A. black ops.

Instead of creatively using our god-given freedom, and our astonishingly infinite imagination, this nation made destruction its founding purpose? In case you think that question either absurd or cynical, are you aware that some claim that the U.S. has been at war 93% of the time?

In this context, please remember: extremely long-cycled Pluto, (248 years) the planet of Death and Rebirth, is now making its very first return to the degree it occupied when the U.S. was born, in 1776. Over these next five years we will learn whether this agonizing, apparently accelerating, dying process of the U.S. will ignite rebirth, resurrection. And the answer to this question will depend upon whether or not we can learn from the near-constant warmongering of the first cycle of Pluto.  I.e., Can we learn from our mistakes? Can we, as a sovereign nation, begin to learn the right use of Plutonian Power, to serve the life force rather than obliterate it? 

Remember: President Trump was determined to stop the forever wars. No wonder Big Gov, Big Tech, Big Media, etc. hated him with a passion.

Please read, in order, the following three essays for their increasingly expansive perspectives on Afghanistan.

Pepe Escobar

BLOWBACK: The Taliban Target U.S. Intel’s Shadow Army

John Pilger

Afghanistan: The Great Game of Smashing Nations

James Howard Kuntsler

The Game In Review

And then you might want to pay attention the various ways the forever warmongering U.S. is now being humiliated by the scruffy Taliban. And not just by parading with our military vehicles, and then, supposedly, sending them to Iran, but this, too:

Kabul: Mementos of American soldiers who left Afghanistan are being sold at a very meagre rate in the Kabul markets. The medals, clothing, gear, tools, knives and electronic items, which were left by the US soldiers at the Kabul airport, are being sold at very cheap prices at nearby shops.



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