AM I JUST A CYNIC? Re: Man of God Declaration

Let me remind the reader: a “cynic” is actually a disappointed idealist. Which means that the original issue is idealism, a philosophy that views the contents of the mind as more real than the material realm. Idealists, like I was most of my life, figure that if only we do so and so, in accordance with such and such beliefs, will everything be perfect.

Instead, as I have learned the hard way, “It’s a process.” It’s always a process. There’s no end point. And thank goodness! Imagine if time. just. stopped! As long as we are alive in these bodies, we will always be both thinking and acting, and usually, we have a great deal of trouble aligning the two in a way that makes sense for more than a nanosecond!

So. To begin:

Several people sent this Declaration of People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity to me last night, and I couldn’t bear to read through it then. I picked it up again this morning, and did read through it; and although my own published work often needs more thorough copy editing, you’d think such an important Declaration would have been at least copy-edited with a fine-toothed comb. Instead, even with a cursory reading I couldn’t help but notice a few incomplete sentences, as well as extra and/or mispelled words. You’d think “Man of God”  — who is, apparently, a group of people —would at least get these relatively minor linguistic matters correct in this apparent quest to use language legal enough and precise enough to confuse most of us as to what it’s really all about.

But maybe we can get the gist of it?

Here’s how reader Rose summed it up, at my request:

My personal take is that an ‘inner’ group has apparently focused on what I am personally translating as violations of  Constitutional  freedoms accorded to US citizens and guaranteed by the US Constitution, citing three paradigms as recent proof of violations of the Constitution.*

1.  Election fraud as Un-Constitutional violation of guaranteed Voting Rights.
2   Medically un-approved Vaccine Mandates as Un-Constitutional violation of Personal Sovereignty.
3.  Trafficking and murder of human beings as Un-Constitutional violation of Life and Liberty.
*(I have greatly simplified my interpretation of the document.)
Lots of us have been focusing on the unraveling, more and more drastic Covid Con and its multi-faceted enmeshment with the 2020 Election Fraud. That Man of God also included pedophilia, murder, adrenochrome, SRA, etc. as one of the violations against We the People was good. However, only one long sentence in the document was given over to this massive hidden-in-plain-sight aspect of the ongoing corruption. In fact, to me, it felt like an afterthought.
I did appreciate the focus on the independence of the States in these United States, and think this the central paragraph of the document.
But frankly, along with another friend of mine, who wonders how this document differs from other similar documents put forth since 2012, I do wonder what this Declaration will lead to, if anything. Charlie Ward tells us it “comes from the very top.” Oh? He and Simon Parkes have been spreading hopium for quite a while now, especially concerning the supposed “coming quantum financial system. ” Well, maybe. Here’s the latest from the two of them and Mel K.
Once again, let me remind the reader that the entire “civilized world” is now boiling inside the cauldron produced by the Pluto Return to its natal place of the U.S. for the very first time since this nation’s birth in 1776. That this death (and rebirth?) process (2020-2025) is inevitable. Just how we go through it is not, however. The more conscious we become, the more we can, both individually, and as networked Aquarian groups, ease the way forward while at the same time devolving the bloated, corrupt, corporatized, centralized Federal Government to the point where what remains are a much smaller Military focused on defense not offense, plus the three original branches, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, all three refreshed with completely new members. The “alphabet” agencies, including FDA, CIA, DIA, FBI, IRS, NSA, NASA, and the rest of the hundreds of federal agencies and commissions, not to mention the globalist institutions, including the EU, UN, NATO, and the WHO, can all go bye-bye, leaving this nation both free of external entanglements and with a much reduced, leaner federal government — or as Man of God terms it, “oligopoly.”
And remember, as goes America, so goes the world. As the “leader of the free world,” we must first, free ourselves, by ripping out the tentacles of the deep state monster and return to the Constitutional Republic of our origins. Nothing less will do.
Yes, we will need to begin again; but first, we must let go of whatever has been holding us back.
How to do this? Your guess is as good as mine. General Flynn and other patriots have been urging us to get involved in politics — especially at the local level. I would certainly agree. It’s time to stop sitting back with popcorn, watching the movie, and expecting Donald Trump to “save” us. Each of us stars in a movie of our own making.
And remember: Devolution is also Decentralization.

2 thoughts on “AM I JUST A CYNIC? Re: Man of God Declaration

  1. Recently discovered your great blog. I’m so aligned with much of your musings! Thanks for keeping this going.

    Man of God… strange name. 1st thought. John of God, who played a devilish role in pretending to be a spiritual leader. Mmmm. And Charlie and Simon? Hopium is a perfect word. It didn’t take me long to question their integrity months ago – or is it even a year ago now, and coming from them I’d question this document even more.
    I’m a long time cynic myself and enjoy your cynicism and perspective. 😉

    So glad to share this journey with you Ann. Have a great day in the garden.

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