Sainted Fauci’s Pious Sadism — AND MORE

Searching for an image of Sadistic Saint Fauci to grace this post, I just now noticed this hilarious Babylon Bee post from April 2021. And for a second or two, yes . . . wondered if it’s true! Have you noticed? It’s getting more and more difficult to distinguish satire from “reality”— especially with “Biden” in charge. As so many of us say, over and over again,  incredulous, noting more and more ridiculous “news” spewing into the collective atmosphere, “You just can’t make this up!”

This morning I was walking with puppy Shadow along a quiet, spacious tree-lined avenue, when I noticed an older woman,  her chest somewhat caved in —protecting her heart? — moving slowly towards me on the other side of the wide avenue. About 20 feet before we were due to pass with about 20 feet between us, she stopped, hunched over something in her hands. Her phone? No. She was pulling a mask out of her wallet.

And you know what. For the first time, I wanted to just march up to this poor indoctrinated fool and yell, loudly and suddenly, like a maniac,


You’ll be proud of me. I did not do it. Luckily my own heart opened to her instead. I could imagine her hunched alone, in front of a screen, watching CNN, NBC, ABC, etc., spew out near-identical stories of fake variants, fake hospitalizations, fake “cases,” fake death stats.  Such suffering, and all from indoctrinated F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)!

Reflecting further on my sudden, strong impulse as I walked on, I wondered: Geez, had I followed my impulse, could I have “given her” a heart attack? Quite possibly, at least according to the woke folks who view all difficulties within themselves as caused by another.

Okay. Want to throw up? Check out this saccharine hagiographic trailer of National Geographic’s new documentary called FAUCI. Where are the violins? They should be playing softly in the background as Saint Fauci swoops in to save us all.

Oh but wait! Check out the likes to dislikes ratio underneath as of August 31. Hmmm. Wonder what the ratio would be now, over a week later.

As of that same date, there were also 8682 comments. I began to read through them, and frankly did not see a single one that lauded this Saint Fauci bullshit. Instead, they make fun of him and what he represents, not to mention the woke National Geographic, many of them very very cleverly. Yes, ridicule IS the appropriate response to this Emperor Who Wears No Clothes.

I’m astonished that youtube has not removed both the ratio and the comments. Is even youtube waking up? 

And check out Matt Taibbi’s new article,  MORAL MAJORITY MEDIA STRIKES AGAIN. I presume you’re aware of the fake news about so-called Ivermectin overdose hospitalizations promoted first by Rolling Stone, and then spread, without checking, further through the MSM. If not, Taibbi walks you through it.  Pro-Vax/Anti-Ivermectin fervor has reached a crescendo of politically correct religiosity, and Taibbi knows just how to linguistically screw the bastards.


By the way, are you aware of the desperate underlying rationale for the anti-HCQ and anti-Ivermectin fervor? If not, here you go. It’s not just the profit-motive.


One thought on “Sainted Fauci’s Pious Sadism — AND MORE

  1. Fauci. Faux Qi/Chi/Ki.

    More and more I am sensing that “covid 19-84” is another iteration of HIV. Both affect people with compromised immune systems or other comorbidities. Lo and behold, Fauci is connected to both plagues. Ironically, now all “straight” people have the dubious pleasure of worrying about turning positive, or the distinct anxiety about “going to get tested.” How deliciously interesting that we’re all getting a sense of one another’s sufferings, as Neptune passes through Pisces, through the auspices of a sinister figurehead like Fauci. With Jupiter poised to dive in, the waters will soon be rising.

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