REQUIRED NOW: Courageous LOVE, to alchemize the stinking EVIL: Paul Craig Roberts, Juan O Savin, Clif High

You might want to read and listen to the following three, deeply insightful and passionate assessments of this utterly unprecedented, critical juncture in the history of human civilization on planet Earth.

First, Paul Craig Roberts outlines indisputable facts about the accelerating Covid Con, and then proceeds to stab directly into the heart of the matter, asking:

The Powerful Case Against the Covid mRNA Vaccine

What kind of evil are we talking about? How is it manifesting? Ponder this tale, and its parallels to what we are going through now, a kind of MK Ultra collective brainwashing of those who dare not think critically about outside “authorities” who are engaged in an elaborate ruse,  pretending to be working for the common good, while engaged in genocide.

The Emperor’s New Clothes, a tale for our times

Second: Listening to this latest from Juan O Savin, I imagine that if he showed his face, he would be foaming at the mouth, so furious is he at the accelerating roll-out of the what appears to be the Post-Vaccine End-Game of the Covid Con: MASS DEATH. He points to fairy stories which we all learned as children — Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, etc., being taught by our parents that they were real, until the inevitable Rude Awakening. Well, says Juan, too many people have been thinking of the Government (and its associated experts) the same way, as good parents, who would never lie to us. WAKE UP! Juan does think that, at this point, over 70% of people ARE awake to the mass deception, and so we are on our way to the needed 80+% awake before the military can take over and civil war not ensue. Clif High, however, thinks we’re already at 80%. See below.

As Kerry Cassidy notes, this video is A GREAT SUMMARY OF WHERE WE ARE AT.

SPACESHOT, with Juan O Savin

Finally, Clif High, admittedly a “paranoid” thinker,  ups the ante even further, if that is even possible, by placing the astonishing dissolution of all that we hold dear, including the very lives of ourselves, our family, our friends, our nation, and the entire human world, in his own inimitable articulation of what he calls the mass die off, saying that it’s his estimate that this scenario will end up taking out a total of 1.5 billion of the 7 billion now alive, and that it begins now, and ratchets up through 2022.

Greg Hunter with Clif High: from the published notes:

What’s the real sentiment in the country?  High estimates, “80% of the people in the country are against all of this at a passionate level.  The intensity of that 80% is ratcheting up.”

High says this is why you are seeing no masks being worn at college football games.  People have had enough.  High says, “You are seeing this at multiple sporting events.  This marker is being used to track the sentiment of people involved in Devolution.”

In short, large segments of the population will be waking up to all the lies and illusions that control their lives.  High talks about the big die-off of people who are “fully vaccinated” and how it is them who will need to be quarantined so they do not harm the unvaccinated public.  The biggest wakeup call will come soon from the economic system.  High says, “These things are coming in chunks, and we are just about at the point where the chunk called the financial system will fall all apart.  The big marker on that is going to be October 1, which is the end of the fiscal year for the federal government.”


High talks about all the millions of people who have gotten the shots and will probably die.  It’s going to be so bad that 2022 will be known as the year of the mass die-off.  High also talks about how many more people will wake up to the fact that the “USA was attacked” and that “we have been in an ongoing war.”  High also talk real numbers of people who have actually gotten the shots.  It is way less than the official numbers are saying, but for those people, death is probably coming for them.  Phony inflated vax numbers is one more deception at work, according to High, because “they are selling the death shot.”  High says the only thing that explains what is going on with CV19 and the push for injections is the “Deep State global criminals” are “killing people on purpose to depopulate the planet.”

Deep State Deception Tricks Us into Thinking They’re Winning

Yep, Deception. The Covid Emperor Con Has No Clothes. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I’ve been aware of it since the beginning. Why? Because as a person whose heart and soul are in charge of the way my mind works, I seem to be immune to advertising and propaganda of any kind.

The key is, of course, that enough people WAKE UP! to the ongoing genocide in order to both center ourselves within this unprecedented maelstrom — this world war fought with words and images rather than bullets — and then, as Juan O Savin says, “pick a lane.” Staying on the sidelines, watching the movie, will no longer do. We are starring in this movie. All of us. Do we side with the forces of Good or with the forces of Evil.

The problem is, most people are so innocent (a laudable trait, but not now),  indeed, they are so gullible, that they simply cannot imagine that psychopaths and sociopaths are ruling the world. That these latter are people who have, through their own PTSD indoctrination, lost touch with their souls, and/or some are in reality soulless monsters who do not give a fuck about us and never did. In any case, both versions of psychopath/sociopath are utterly determined to depopulate this planet to the point where only 500 million of us are left, and those to be hierarchically enslaved by their masters at the top of the pyramid.

They will not get their way.

We are rising up.

As Clif notes, the crowds at football games are refusing to wear masks, and chanting Fuck Joe Biden . . .

Let us re-member:

EVIL, spelled backwards, is LIVE.


One obvious thing we can do: join together each Sunday morning at 8 AM, your time, in a LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR meditation. We gather together across the globe, holding Ivermectin or another strong anti-parasitic in our cupped hands along with the entire globe as a ball, and energetically inject this sucking energy of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) and demands compliance with the courageous, limitless LOVE that pours through our opened hearts.

Question: Can we energetically suck the parasite out of Fauci so that he alchemizes into a human being with a conscience?

BTW: I’ve begun to red-pill young ones around me, one by one, in person, whether or not they are vaxxed. And especially if they are vaxxed, I counsel them to make a tea out of star anise and drink it regularly. It’s time for them to wake up. We can hold off no longer.

I too drink star anise and other shikamates in my special daily homemade chai elixir. As one who is unvaxxed, living with vaxxed people, I too have to continuously detox from the spike proteins that they shed. The difference between us: their bodies keep making the spike proteins (for how long, no one knows; is this what the “boosters” are for, so they will keep on making them?), whereas mine does not.

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