Got the vax? Didn’t get the vax but live with those who did?

Like me, for example. I did not get any version of the so-called “vax.” Nor did I submit to even one so-called “PCR test.” Even so, one day a few months ago I cut the back of my hand accidentally during one of our twice-weekly Green Acres Permaculture Village morning work parties, and, when I briefly put a finger on it, a string of blood stuck to the finger as I pulled the finger from the cut! WHAT? Needless to say, this floored me. My blood was thicker than it was supposed to be.

This undeniable fact corroborated what my intuitive healer already discovered a few days prior, that my circulation, including my heart, was being, somehow, adversely affected. This had never happened before. It appeared obvious to both of us, even then, that living around vaxxed people was likely the issue. In other words, claims that vaxxed people shed spike proteins might well be true. 

Luckily, my intuitive healer had discovered a remedy, which I am now taking, twice daily.

BTW: as for the spike proteins themselves, it appears that both dandelion leaf and elderberry leaf, as well as star anise and fennel, and a number of other common plants can defuse it.

How many people are aware of, and especially, how many want to become aware of, these easy ways to reverse the continuing damage? More and more, I would assume, as formerly blue-pilled people WAKE UP to what is being done to us in the name of “public health.”

Whether vaxxed or unvaxxed, none of us is alone. Our world is irrevocably morphing, into what we do not know. All we know is that there will be no return to “normal.” Nor any New Normal either, if you mean by that the long-planned New World Order steady state.

About the same time that I switched over from (still up as an archive), to this barebones site, along with a number of others, I impulsed a new weekly practice into this global society that has been MK Ultra mind-controlled into F.E.A.R., which stresses the immune systems of our naturally brilliant bodies. Fear is the ultimate killer, and it gets translated mandated, and transmogrified into myriads of miasmic ills affecting body, mind, soul, and society.

What alchemizes fear? LOVE. Fear contracts. Love expands. Fear is cowardly. Love is courageous. As Bill HIcks famously intoned, “Fear? or Love.” Those really are the choices.

So, back home in Bloomington Indiana, here I still sit and live and laugh and eat with others, both vaxxed and unvaxxed, as spike proteins course invisibly from one to the other.  Both the name and the image of the spike protein give the sense of something that bristles, that wards off. Oooo! can’t hug you anymore, because you’re vaxed. Oooo! Can’t take a sip of your soup! Oooo! Please don’t take a bite of ice cream and then put it back into the freezer!

And of course, most vaxxed folks likely feel the same way about me, because I’m unvaxxed! Our ideological positions — for me discerned from myriads of alternative internet sources, and verified personally by the strange cut that resulted in a “string” of blood, and for the vaxxed, either based on their continuous absorption of mainstream propaganda and/or the necessity of getting the vax to keep their job, keep going to school, keep traveling to faraway lands, and so on — are often diametrically opposed. And yet, no matter what our minds “think,”  we’re all in the same boat. All infected with the spike protein. All bristling!

But that is only one of the “ingredients” of the poisonous vax that is now proving itself to be causing Covid, rather than preventing it. (Else why would the most heavily vaxxed nations, like Israel, suddenly have enormous spikes in “covid”?) Then there’s graphene oxide, and the nano AI, and so on.

I’m not one to read through lots of scientific reports. Frankly I can’t remember this kind of detail. My specialty, if one wants to call it that, lies in continuously widening my vision and opening my heart. As a “Sovereign Soul at One with All,” what more can I do at this age, nearly 79 years old, except to notice what’s going down, and aim to stay centered and grounded into this good earth while sharing my tentative findings, homeopathically. In other words,  I don’t aim to make a big splash, but instead to help ignite a tiny potent effect which itself can expand exponentially without being traced back to me. Likewise with our Sunday Meditations at 8 A.M. (your time) to open-heartedly energetically alchemize (while holding anti-parasitic Ivermectin in our cupped hands also holding planet Earth as a ball) the sucking parasitic Fear into Love. Let’s just do it, without fanfare, but with great intensity, on a regular weekly basis. This in itself, helps transmute the seemingly inexorable terminal course humanity has embarked upon.

Here’s a Kerry Cassidy post on methods of detoxing, whether you’re vaxed or unvaxed. And let me add to this, my daily protocols for nourishing my immune system. These include: besides daily two hours of “physical culture” — 3-4 mile walks, and yoga/chikung/taichi; besides plenty of rest, and consciously processing whatever personal and interpersonal dramas cannot help but erupt in this 3D world; besides the Nitric Oxide Sanguenol, and besides my daily 4-5 cups of my homemade chai tea elixir, I also ingest, on a daily basis: Liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, apple cider vinegar, C-60, Quercetin, Chaga and Reishi Mushrooms, and keep Colloidal Silver and Ivermectin nearby if needed.

At moments, I think about moving to a place where I can live alone, so as not to be continuously re-infected by my vaxxed companions. But these moments evaporate just as soon as they are formed. This is my destiny, to be with us as we travel, as consciously as possible, and with a wide open heart, through this collective dark night of the soul.




One thought on “Got the vax? Didn’t get the vax but live with those who did?

  1. Yes. We create our own rituals of protection (I don’t take everything you do, but many of them). Today I began listening to two sound artists who do music that resonates w different brainwaves – one recording is at 444 Hz (for the New Moon) – Vibonacci and Source Vibrations. They do a Global Unity Meditation.
    Gordon White, Tasmanian permaculturist/
    chaos magician, speaks of “maintaining the field” (from Lynne McTaggart). And there are some kick-*ss lawyers out there, bless ’em, working to keep “the Field” open.

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