THIS END GAME OF OUR TRAGIC, TRAUMATIC TRIFECTA: Kennedy Assasination, 9/11, the Covid Con

Walking with puppy Shadow this early morning, about when the first plane supposedly hit the Twin Towers 20 years ago today, I was reflecting on the kind of post I wanted to put up. And what kept coming was this:

Speak about the MK Ultra Collective PTSD induced by the Traumatic Trifecta that began with the Kennedy Assasination, and is culminating now, in 2020-21 with the extending, crushing, squeezing, enervating Covid Con. The 9/11 event, in this tripartite scenario, is the third leg in the triangle, in between, suspended in time inside the other two.

All three episodes are Plutonian in nature, i.e., immensely, intensely powerful, involving Death and (possibly) Rebirth, given that Pluto features strongly in each. Furthermore, in all three cases, Pluto was either conjunct or opposed to another long-cycled planet — Uranus during the first episode; Saturn during the second and third. For details, see below.

Meanwhile, let’s look further into this Tragic Magic Trifecta designed in advance to gradually mind control an entire population into fearful unquestioning obedience. And let us recall that only one of these episodes was a one-day event.

Our Collective MK Ultra mind control trauma trifecta began on November 22, 1963, when the deep state arranged for one or more stooges to blow JfK’s head off, in Dallas Texas, leaving us, the innocent audience,  stunned, mesmerized, as we watched the forehead of our beloved President, whose grieving wife would, only one week later, invoke the myth of Camelot, blow up over and over and over again on our television screens. Following that, a few days later, we watched, up close and personal,  over and over again,  Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald at close range, in the chest.

That event was echoed by twin assasination events, four years later, when again, two beloved leaders were assasinated in April and June of 1968: Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy — again, with Americans glued to our screens, staring at the sudden, unexpected carnage, over and over and over, again.

America has never been the same since. Our collective PTSD has held most of us in the grip of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), and ripened us for the second two episodes to follow.

Thus, nearly 38 years later (one half of an eruptive Uranus cycle), the 20th anniversary of which we “celebrate” today, September 11, 2001, or “911,” (the number we call for emergencies, a diabolically clever touch), was utilized to invoke the second leg of this yet ongoing trifecta. Once again, the deep state arranged some kind of a movie, the nature of which we are still scratching our heads over what really happened (novice foreign terrorist pilots? a thermite explosion from below, with hologram planes? Something else?) But that was just the first of three inexplicable events on that day. The second, a “plane” that supposedly ran into the Pentagon flying impossibly low and punching way too small a hole; and the third, another plane that supposedly crashed into a Pennsylvania field, with no bodies and no wreckage, just a hole in the ground. Huh? Oh yes, and then yet a fourth event,  nearly five hours later, Building 7, which was obviously “pulled” from below, and announced by the BBC 20 minutes beforehand.

The three trauma-producing events of the first occasion, which took place over four years, thus were echoed in the collective unconscious by the four trauma-producing events of the second occasion, which took place in a single day. All of which led to the passage of the Patriot Act, only six weeks later,  by means of a voluminous document pulled off the shelf and opened, now that a false flag had “justified” this brand new alphabet agency, the Homeland Security Agency, with its mass surveillance, and worse.

Okay, so here we are, on the 20th anniversary of the second act in this trilogy.

What’s the third act? We’re inside it. This one is taking years, not sure how many yet; and who knows it might go on forever, with supposedly 17 “variants” identified so far — or until the human race is pronounced by off-worlders, or deep staters that have escaped either underground or off-world, officially extinct.

Or better: until we stop the nonsense, rise up and say ENOUGH! According to both Juan O Savin and Clif High, we’re getting close. Thanks to the debacle in Afghanistan, over 70% of the U.S. population is now fed up with the Buy-den Administration. We need over 80% to reverse the stolen 2020 election without invoking civil war.

This third act started at the beginning of last year, at least in the United States, with the relatively rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction, in late Capricorn. This third act echoed the second act, 9/11, which ignited when the first (hologram?) plane melted into the World Trade Center, during the time when Saturn was not only opposed to Pluto, but this opposition sat right on the swiftly moving Ascendant/Descendent of the U.S. chart.

To repeat: both the second and third acts carried the Saturn/Pluto signature.

The first event, however, did not; instead, it had a Uranus/Pluto signature, with these two planets conjunct at 9° and 14° Virgo. One might argue that the events of the wild ’60s were inaugurated with the Kennedy assasination.

Remember, shall I repeat it yet again? Pluto, the planet of Death and Rebirth, is now returning to the degree it occupied when this nation was born, on July 4, 1776, at 27° Capricorn, and will not culminate this extended, agonizing death/rebirth process until at least 2025. Pluto, along with Saturn and Jupiter, flirted together within late Capricorn most of last year, when the Covid Con was introduced.

(Both Saturn and Jupiter then moved on, both reaching 0° Aquarius on the darkest/most sacred day of the year in 2020, the Winter Solstice. Many people now view that day as the real beginning of the Aquarian Age, when we finally left watery Piscean religiosity for the Age of Co-operative Knowledge.)

In 2021, the Covid Con ramped up to “warp speed,” thanks to the experimental “vaccine” and now, puppet Buy-den’s “impatience” with the unvaxed, his decision to try to impose vaccine mandates for all U.S. Government workers and any small business with over 100 employees.

Pluto worked with Saturn, making real (Saturn) some kind of formerly hidden, and very powerful emergence from below (Pluto), during both the second and third events of the trifecta of trauma. During the first event, the Kennedy Assasination, Pluto worked with Uranus, planet of sudden, eruptive changes. One could argue that the first event set the other two in motion, as its unrolling, unfolding consequence, making real the kind of New World Order that would attempt to be formed from its eruptive power. (Ordo Ab Cho: Out of chaos, order.)

What kind of world? We still have no idea. Will it be, as planned, their centralized communist state which makes mincemeat of human freedom? Or will it be a decentralized, cooperative, global community of sovereign individuals. Today, we hold our breath as we observe the 20th anniversary of the second leg of the Magic Tragic Traumatic Trifecta.

Back to this morning’s walk: Puppy Shadow and I happened to be walking through Dunn Meadow, on the IU campus, when we came about a dozen young ones of student age, sitting on one area of the grassy field, placing tiny flags in some kind of pattern. I decided to talk with them.

“How many of you were alive when 911 happened?” I called out. They all looked up, startled. All but two raised their hand. How old? I asked. From five months to five years. They asked me where I was on 911, and I told them where I had been at the Kennedy Assasination in 1963, and then quickly corrected myself, addressing my experience of the 911 event. But this mistake had an unconscious purpose; it gave me leeway to talk about these three episodes in our nation’s history, and the Collective Trauma involved. They were all ears.

I told them that they were the ones who would have to somehow transform the way this world is running. One of them looked up at me, eyes direct and clear, “I don’t have much faith in my generation.”

I responded, also directly into his eyes, “I have faith in YOU.”

I asked when their installation, meant to represent the Twin Towers, would be complete. In about an hour. Okay. I’ll come back and take a picture. Which I did, on my way to lunch with son Colin.

By the way, these students told me they belong to the IU chapter of YAF (Young Americans for Freedom), which started up in 1960, with William Buckley’s encouragement. There is another similar group, YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) which sprang up much more recently, during Ron Paul’s presidential bid in 2008. I’m rooting for both.




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