Let Us Speak, and Let Us Meditate, CLEARLY AND FORCEFULLY, to break the spell of F.E.A.R.

Hard to imagine, but this increasingly dystopian civilization has now come to the point where, in order to break the spell of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), we have to begin to lay it all on the line. To SPEAK CLEARLY AND FORCEFULLY. Yes. For example:

Plus, for more and more of us, there’s also our Sunday morning, 8 AM meditation, to energetically clear this Earth and all who live upon and within and above her, of the parasite F.E.A.R. that, thanks to MSM propaganda parroting “experts” who are determined to wipe out all but 500 million of the 7 billion currently alive, has captured the minds of a some (disputed) percentage of the entire human race.

At 8 AM this morning, son Colin and I again sat down to meditate, with our Ivermectin syringes in our hands. Plus, since it has been a number of months since we have actually ingested Ivermectin as a prophylactive, we decided to do that too, to begin our ceremony, each taking about half the amount that the ruler on the syringe says is appropriate for what each of us weighs.

This time, we decided not to guide our mutual meditation, but instead, to each go our own way, and see what happened.

Afterwards, we discussed our experiences.

Colin did what he did last time, which was to fly high above the earth and rain down showers of tiny sparkles, each of which explodes into LOVE. First he rose high above America, and got to work, and then then he flew around the globe. “But when I got to Australia,” he said, scowling, ” I could sense the entire country pulsing up and down, enveloped in a thick fog, composed of tiny grey droplets of F.E.A.R.” So of course, he redoubled, tripled, quadrupled his warrior efforts.

My experience: I found myself inside my own body, which, remember, had just ingested a bit of Ivermectin. During the entire 20 minutes or so of our formal meditation, my awareness was deep inside my body, which itself I could sense as identical with Earth. Earth and my body are one and the same. Awareness kept popping to different places within my body/Earth, where tiny pains were erupting, some of them persistent. Over and over again, I — with Ivermectin — was alchemizing these painful places, where I presume, F.E.A.R. is attempting to take hold, with continuous pulsing LOVE.

It struck me that our goal of alchemizing F.E.A.R. with LOVE is likely endless. That as long as humans occupy bodies, there will be places within us (within Earth), that tend to be  more contracted, in short more fearful, painful than other parts. And, because I sense that pain, fear, indicates stuckness, that our task is also forever; that in order to equalize, balance,  harmonize the yin/yang of LOVE and FEAR, that we must continuously breathe into (alchemize) those stuck places in our bodies/Earth, with the LOVE that continuously pours through.

Finally, here’s Dr. David Martin again, in July, speaking as clearly and forcefully as anyone on this planet, in an attempt to WAKE people up to what is really going down.

The Spike Protein Injection. No such Thing as a “Delta Variant.” It’s a Fallacy

And here’s Natural News, yesterday, with a print version of some of the same.

There is no “Delta Variant” — no clinical test can diagnose you with “Delta,” and the entire narrative is a media-fabricated scam




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