COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?

It’s interesting to me that, except for the homeless —

— a majority of people went along with the first set of “instructions” as to how to avoid the Covid (lockdowns, distancing, masks). And it was amazing to me that so many people were actually, weirdly, excited to get their jabs, once the “vaccines” were announced. To me, it felt like we were in a cult movie, with the cult leader instructing us to drink the kool aid that would kill us.

Okay. Have we reached the tipping point, and are now witnessing/participating in the accelerating implosion of, not just the Covid Con, but the visible and invisible structures that joined to pretend to make it necessary — Big Gov, Big Pharma, Big Med, Big Ed, Big Science . . .?

Let us thank Buy-den for his stated “impatience” with the approximately 50% of the US which is NOT going along with his latest declaration. This itself might have been the tipping point. More and more normies are waking up. Over the past three weeks, Buy-den approval poll numbers have plunged to below 40%. 

Kind of reminds me of when Trump was president. No matter how much his enemies tried to slam him, it boomeranged. Only now, the reverse; no matter how much Buy-den tries to slam us, it boomerangs.

VACCINE REBELLION: Growing number of US states are refusing to go along with Biden’s covid vaccine fascism.

Small businesses in New York City have taken the reins in their own hands.

Then there’s the hospital that stopped doing deliveries because too many staffers had quit, rather than get the vax.

Is this the beginning of a more general uproar, people finally getting their priorities straight: first, sovereignty over my own body; then, all the rest that I depend on for survival?

(What about the trucker strikes, planned, and somewhat executed, by truckers in the U.S. and Australia. What’s the status now? So far, I don’t notice any glaring empty shelves in grocery stores. Clearly, if truckers get serious, they could put the squeeze on the entire economy, and thus force change.)

Then there’s this. True? And BTW, either that is not Melinda, or the more recent Melinda is not.

More and more, normies are waking up to the fact that the most vaxxed countries are also those with most new covid cases. Case in point, Israel, where a majority of its citizens have been vaccinated. As of about a month ago, most covid patients in hospitals were fully vaccinated; doctor calls mandates “diabolic”

Israel’s plight is discussed by Del Bigtree and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

Horrifying to realize that the World War II holocaust in Germany, is now targeting the same Jewish people, thanks to Netanyahu, who made a devil’s deal with Pfizer for Israel to be the test nation for the CV “vaccine.”

But: Again there’s blowback. Given the high rate of “breakthrough” infections, both Portugal and Sweden Ban Entry by Israelis, including those vaccinated. Other European nations are expected to follow.

Here’s one European nation who’s taken charge. No more vaccination centers!

All along, General Flynn has been exhorting Americans to stand up and be counted. Do something! Especially something local! Run for city council! Or your school board! Lots of videos of citizens confronting their school boards have gone viral, thanks, likely, to the dramatic impact of people standing up to speak in front of their elected officials. And frankly, I’m impressed. Trump has managed to fade into the background, so that we can’t just sit back and eat popcorn, waiting for our savior to re-emerge. NO. It’s up to us. And as Flynn states, “local action has a national impact.”

Then there’s the blowback to the so-called “scientific” establishment. Check this out, by Mark Pickles:

Covid and the Crisis of Scientific Integrity

Another note of encouragement: Britain has decided not to issue vaccine passports — for now. I wonder what stopped them.

Finally, I listened, mesmerized, to actress and Me, Too activist Rose McGowan, her speech stumping for Larry Elder, in his campaign to replace Gavin Newsom.


Notice how pedophilia (and by implication, torture, murder, adrenochrome, trafficking, SRA blackmail) keeps rearing its massive, ugly head? Even when we don’t want to look at it, it’s there, the no longer hidden undercurrent that runs this entire world.


4 thoughts on “COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?

  1. It seems to me that you are the one who has drunk the Kool-Aid. Part of you comes across as loving and kind. The other part is dogmatic, autocratic, and mean. You have no credibility.

    1. You nailed me, in terms of tendency to dogmatism, etc. After all, I’m a double Sagittarian, searching for Truth, and determined to find it! An impossible goal, yet sometimes I get stuck, and must remind myself to continuously widen my perspective. So thanks for that reflection!

  2. Interesting blog. I, too, have been noticing that we seem to be on the brink of something. I don’t see how people can not see the evil when so many things are now out in the open.

  3. “Buy-den”? How about “Bidden” as in, does as he is bidden. I never liked him, when he was an admitted plagiarist, but in later years he declared “I am a Zionist” to AIPAC, and I knew him for what he is and called him “Bidden” ever since. How ironic that the Democrats, the party of diversity, nominated a straight white Christian male for their candidate.

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