MEMES Continue to Tell OUR (more than paranoid) Story . . .

Listened to another Clif High Woo report yesterday. I must say, ever since this “admitted paranoid” got cancer, and against all odds, erased it, he’s been on fire. I didn’t used to watch him very often, but now I always do. His highly original way of thinking and speaking gathers all sorts of themes into one strand, and then shows how the various strands interweave, going forward, according to his linguistic algorithms. He’s also very willing to admit mistakes, especially in timing.

Woo & Consequences

I place the above to present an overall context for the memes that follow. The main message to pick up on: Clif is decidedly optimistic about human prospects in the long run, despite horrific short-term “consequences” which we will all have to endure.

These memes are among those that have been hanging out on my desk top for a week or so. I try to put them in some kind of “order” that “makes sense.” But, of course, as my dear deceased husband Jeff used to say, when I’d get all steamed up about something or other: “Just remember,  Ann: WE’RE MAKING IT ALL UP!”

One exception: this first meme, which has been on my desktop ever since school shootings were a big deal. NOTICE: THEY NO LONGER ARE. So much for that take-the-guns-away part of the deep state’s diabolical plan to depop (via the “vaccine”) Earth to the point where all that’s left is a pitiful 500 million transhuman roboticized slaves.

As another of my deceased husbands (this one the so-called “bad man,” a Black Beret vet) said to me, over and over again: “If they get rid of our guns, then only the government will have guns.” At that time, back in the mid-70s, and of course, as a febrile ’60s “love and peace” hippie, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, and thought he was way too paranoid.

“After all, most people are like me, right? Basically good?”

Yes, most people are basically good. Most people have a conscience, just like you and me. But there is a small group of people who have been infected, whether from birth or by being indoctrinated, whether soulless to begin with, or having had their souls extracted, with what can only be termed psychopathic EVIL. They don’t give a damn about anybody else.  Get real, folks .  .  .

On the other hand, check this out, by an unusually scholarly, teacher/dance leader in the Dances of Universal Peace — a much more permacultural view of “evil,” as unripe, which, I think, for the most part, makes an enormous deal of sense.

Even so:

You know this next, already, right? Remember: what drove the fake “pandemic” was “case numbers” of mostly, asymptomatic false positives on the PCR test which, remember, when cycled too high, is utterly useless. And in fact, the inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, said it should NEVER be used to diagnose . . .

Oh and BTW: count Kary Mullis 2019 death as suspicious.

And you’re familiar with this, too, right?

If this next is real, it’s appropriate, given the level of mass psychosis induced, knowingly, by F.E.A.R.-promoting perpetrators in Big Media, Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Ed, Big Tech, Big Gov. . . .

Meanwhile, how’s this for a brilliant, spot-on MEME!

And finally, here’s Trump, trolling:  “These Kids Tricked Biden Just Like the Taliban Did!”

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