Current and Historical Ramifications of “THE WOKE”: Victor Davis Hansen

Post-Nap . . .

If we think the very idea of a woke military is absurd (Cf. General Woke Milley’s political decapitation, or is he playing a part in a movie?), if we think jabbing the military with an experimental “vaccine” is no big deal —

If we think progressive, highly woke AOC wearing a Tax the Rich dress to a Rich Gala is well, sorta funny, cheeky . . .

AOC Mocked, criticized after wearing Tax the Rich Dress to Elitist Met Gala


. . . then let’s  widen the context a bit, shall we? Here’s one elder, himself an academic, to whom we pay no attention at our peril, not just here, in academic towns — but everywhere.

(Aside: Here in Bloomington, Indiana, in 2020, the politically correct city council endorsed two gigantic BLACK LIVES MATTER murals on downtown streets. (Don’t get me wrong: the one on Jordan Avenue is extremely well done, with each letter a painting of its own) plus, another unsanctioned BLM mural painted over another in what I fondly remember as a real “People’s Park” during Occupy 2011-12.)

Victor Davis Hansen: Universities Breed ‘Woke and Broke’ Graduates

Professor Hansen, who began as a military historian and classicist, and still lives in the same home his grandparents built, published the then extremely controversial book, The Case for Trump in 2019, spoke with Tucker Carlson on September 3 about the $85 Billion in military hardware left to the Taliban. Hansen now has a new, extremely dense and historically resonant post on his blog, which demonstrates just how deserving he actually is of the title America’s Foremost Public Intellectual. 

Wokeness: An Evil of Our Age


Karl Marx, or was it Groucho? “What happens the first time as tragedy, the second time is farce. ” Are we there yet?

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