Do I detect enormous rage surfacing?

Or is it just me, so furious, by this time, that I want to scream. But what good would that do?

How’s this, for an image. Supposedly one of those empty Chinese cities . . . Matches my mood.

Whistleblower nurses, thanks to Max Igan, occupy the first seven minutes of his new video.

Nurse: “I don’t know whether our CEO intentionally lied, or whether he was just mistaken . . .”

Igan, like many others, is warning us NOT to resort to violence, because, of course, that’s exactly what “they” want: riots, chaos, to justify clamp down into martial law, as the next step up? down? the ladder to the draconian New World Order.

Luckily, I happened to watch another amazing Clif High Woo video yesterday, and this one spoke directly to me, as a fiery (Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius) nearly 79-year-old woman dominated by my nervous system (double Mars in Sagittarius directly opposing Uranus with Saturn in Gemini) and so, given my own childhood trauma (listening to the radio at 2.5 years when Hiroshima was announced), has been driven to continuously seek more and more dots (Gemini) to connect into larger and larger webs (Sagittarius) that I continuously reweave and share in order to help, somehow, shift this suffering world from constant episodic destruction to continuous, regenerative creation.

I’ve been taking all sorts of B vitamins lately, and they have done nothing. Last night I hardly slept at all! Too many interesting videos to listen to . . .

So, once again, jumpy, nervous, irritable this morning . . .

The Clif High Woo video was yesterday afternoon, during my “nap,” and it felt like he was speaking directly to me. I need to stop consuming seed oils, and return to animal fats, because, he claims, only animal fats can coat (and thus protect, cushion) the vagus nerve, which runs outside the spine and connects somehow to just about every major organ in the body.


It is interesting that I came across his video yesterday, since just the day before someone had gifted me with a jar of homemade ghee, and about a week ago I had intuitively decided to switch from coconut oil to ghee, and bought some. (Bought the organic, but damn, the organic ghee came in plastic, and the non-organic in glass. Go figure.)

Max Igan: “If people could just believe in themselves, and know themselves, none of this could happen.”

Yes, and I notice that if something’s really important for me personally to know, it will flow towards and through me in several ways.

Follow the path of synchronicity.

But then last night, last night! Just so much happening that I couldn’t fall asleep, ghee or no ghee. Here are a few finds:

Then there are the enormous crowds in cities everywhere, and lots of  people in both high and low positions, also everywhere, coming out of the shadows to announce that they refuse the dangerous, experimental, weakening, sickening, death-dealing, genocidal Covid Vaccine mandate.

The big news yesterday was, of course, the General Milley broohaha, as trumpeted by WaPo with quotes from a new book by Bob Woodward. But can Bob Woodward be trusted?

Can We Believe Bob Woodward’s Story about General Milley?

Trump can’t stand either of them, but calls the story fake news.

However, here’s another way to look at what happened with General Milley. And frankly, I confess, I can’t help but have an image of his uniformed dead body hanging from the neck, slumped, medals jangling, turning slowly in the wind . . .

We’re into Q-type thinking here. Do we want to go there? Perhaps.

But do I want to entertain images of dead hung bodies turning slowly in the wind. NO. Would much rather use LOVE to alchemize FEAR and all that that it morphs into: HATE, JUDGMENT, VIOLENCE. (See our Sunday Meditations, 8 AM your time zone.)

More ghee please. And get me some grass-fed, hormone-free, local bacon while I’m at it.

BTW: Even my local paper did a story, covered most of page one with two large sections inside too, that made me very hopeful. Until I read it. The ideological slant was unmistakable.

Sorry, my increased hand tremor today makes it hard to take a still photo. However, you can see the expression on this young woman’s face, and this front page story, on the face of it, looks sympathetic. And, in part, it is. She certainly holds her own. But the ideological slant, as a whole, as I said is unmistakable. This sentence, near the beginning, gives the clue: “Vaccine mandates are testing the resolve of the many Hoosiers who have refused to get vaccinated, causing tension between employers and employees whose reluctance to get vaccinated seemingly has calcified into an ideology [my italics].

Let’s face it, folks, calcification is occurring at every level, and between the two poles of every divide. Exactly what the deep state wants.

“Nature is a conduit for my faith in God,” she writes, in a seven-page exemption letter arguing that she has a religious duty to protect her body from substances she doesn’t trust.

I really appreciated her staying true to herself, despite having had to defend her decision “against all types of skepticism.” This has forced her “to reconsider whether her strong beliefs would make it too hard to work as a nurse,” and “realizes she may have to consider alternative medicine practices to stay true to her beliefs. Maybe I’ll be a midwife nurse, she said. ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.'” Meanwhile, she simply asks that others respect her decision.  That all she wants is the same respect she gives to others.

Right on, young woman. This strange journey might actually take you where you really want to go! And besides, you are way more resilient than I am. Time for a nap.

Oh, wait a minute. If you want to see a brilliant, succinct, much chewed over and well-digested astrological perspective on what is goin’ down, check out this post, by Timothy Glenn, via Laura Bruno . 

Timothy too, appears way more centered and resilient than my stressed-out corporeal self feels today.



3 thoughts on “Do I detect enormous rage surfacing?

  1. I also watch Clif’s videos abt the Woo, but here besides diet changes, I’d choose Sukie Baxter’s Whole Body Revolution techniques to work w my vagus nerve, and sound healing techniques (either tuning fork or music based on delta or theta waves). And I know some vegans who are awake in the Woo – they don’t do masks, etc.

    1. Thanks! Will check out your suggestions for myself as well. I reach this point periodically . . . at which point I alter my practices. Interesting, vegans awake in the woo. Just goes to show that people’s slants can run in different directions, even within the same person. I imagine a person as the intersection of several planes, which don’t interact internally. Or do they? I always say to those with whom I’m in some kind of fraught relationship due to the incessant programming, “hey, let’s just stay with what we have in common.” Thought of a new one today: When people say, “Have you got the vax yet?” how about just responding “Leave off the ‘yet.’ That makes it a real question. Now, would you like me to answer it?”

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