THE VIGANO TAPES: Deep State Meets Deep Church

As a forever recovering Roman Catholic, I am deeply grateful to one such as Archbishop Vigano, whom I discovered several years ago when, shortly after retirement, he blew the whistle on pedophilia in the Catholic Church hierarchy and Pope Bergoglio’s duplicity. An organization, Urbi et Orbi, has now put out a series of 18 short tapes, recorded at the end of August, each one Vigano’s response to a single question. I have listened to the first five, and will continue on a daily basis, as they appear, one by one.

Vigano understands the “deep church” the same way we have learned to understand the deep state, but in the case of the church he says it all began with Vatican II in the 1960s. Ever since then, he claims, the church has been undermined by a fifth column of priests, administrators, educators, bishops, and so on, who indoctrinate people into progressive ideology. No surprise then, that he would now recognize the real intent behind Bergoglio’s calling for everyone to get the covid “vaccine” as “an act of love.”

Once again, I’d call this the hijacking of our natural capacity for empathy with others to serve, in this case, not only a political, but a despicably evil end: depopulation, genocide, as prelude to the globalist Great Reset.

To Vigano, the ecclesiastical hierarchy is completely integral to the global plan of the elite, with the pope “not only a neutral spectator, but a zealous cooperator who abuses his own moral authority” and seeks to demolish the church in favor of a globalist universal religion. Meanwhile, the bishops and other hierarchy go along with the vaccine rollout, either out of fear or because they have been blackmailed or bribed.

Here’s #3.



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