More Covidiana . . . Time for Transformation?

I’m not usually one to view the “appearance” of another as indicative of the content of his or her character. But you know, sometimes it’s just hard not to . . . and hell, when all sorts of people are trying to kill off the rest of us, my usual rules of decorum tend to fall by the wayside . . . So, here:

This morning, I received the photo below from a friend, hilarious in itself, but even better when you recognize it as in the tradition of the Addams Family. My friend called “Greta as Wednesday” the best. So I presume that means Wednesday is the little girl on the bottom left of this pic to the left.

And yep. Hilarious.

BTW: I just discovered that the largest hospital system in Indiana, IU Health, which has gobbled up an enormous number of physicians’ private practices and now operates 18 hospitals and other facilities around the state, has just lost 125 workers to the Covid vaccine mandate. That’s not very many, given the 36,000 who work there. One interesting note: none of the reports I saw say whether these people quit or were fired.

Much better to force one’s employer to fire you, with a formal letter of termination. That way, you can sue the bastards. As is stated, among many others, by this (former) professor and attorney.

Doug Interviews Law Professor and Trial Attorney David Clements

A little voice chimes in . . . what’s the point of suing, when you know both the justice system and even the supreme court are corrupt?

Hey! Let’s not go there. Let’s continue to intend and envision our beloved nation as being able to weather the immense, ongoing, death and rebirth transformation of this nation’s first ever Pluto Return. 

If Juan O Savin is correct, we are going to need divine help to do so, to absorb and integrate what he calls this nation’s “near-death experience.” With that in mind, please join us tomorrow for our weekly Sunday meditation at 8 AM (your time), to invoke the LOVE that fills and fuels the universe to alchemize the MSM-induced F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that holds this earth in a massive foggy, webby, confusing shroud.

Oh, and by the way, I saw somewhere yesterday that some channel or other says that this weekend is the big breakthrough time, that millions of normies will finally be shocked awake by what is coming down. Durham indictments? McAfee downloads? Other?

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