Nada.Which is exactly the way we wanted it. The deep state craves fear, violence, chaos, so they can clamp us down and funnel us into their Great Reset/New World Order.

And lots in costume, pretending to be us.

Later, best meme ever!

And wouldn’t you know: The one person arrested at the event turned out to be an undercover agent!

Lest you worry that we’ve just forgotten about the hundreds of prisoners still being held from Pelosi’s January 6th “Insurrection,” we can thank Gateway Pundit for this, a website devoted to their cause with a thoroughly appropriate name: American Gulag.

Meanwhile, in New York City, yesterday: Thousands out, joining crowds across the glob, all marching for World Freedom Day,

And meanwhile, amazing! Schiff turns against Biden . . .

Adam Schiff Calls for Investigation into Joe Biden




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