My Sunday Morning LAF Meditation . . .

Son Colin said he wanted to do his meditation out on his outdoor couch. Okay. So I set up on the screened porch here.

This is the fifth Sunday in a row, starting with the Full Moon in Leo, August 22. The meaning of LAF?

Our private Telegram group, which began with six members, now has seven. Meanwhile, I’ve come across in person three former strangers who told me they are also joining us for this meditation. Which makes me think there are already likely lots more, across this nation and beyond, all dedicated to serving the whole by energetically alchemizing F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) into LOVE.

BTW: President Trump said, at the end of a speech he gave on 911, that we need to “pray for the next 21 days.” That was eight days ago. thirteen days to go.  I, for one, have decided to meditate daily for the duration.

Here’s one way to describe us:

If you are also meditating with us, and want to join the private Telegram group, let me know and I will add you. But remember to give me the name you use on Telegram!

BTW: this little Telegram group is intensely active.

I would also love it if others would comment on this and further Sunday posts as to what your meditation was like. What you went through. What parasitic aspect of this multidimensional reality you found yourself clearing during that particular meditational experience.

Today, for me: I found myself almost instantly going underground, once again. During our very first meditation, I had found myself inside the thick, stuck, cemented in core of the earth. And that all I could do was endeavor to loosen it a bit,  so that it might begin to let go of stuck FEAR from century upon century of all-too-human carnage.

Which reminds me: I once had a conversation with my dear, long deceased husband Jeff, about the idea of actually traveling to places we know where horrific battles occurred, horrific rape and pillage, recognizing that the very land is poisoned by residual human FEAR. But then, what land on this planet is not? Here in the U.S. we have only to remember the genocide of Native Americans, and the bloody Civil War.  And if this latest global genocidal attempt, via the “vaccine,” actually bears poison fruit, resulting in millions upon millions of deaths, then FEAR will have pushed out LOVE.

So, to return to this morning’s meditation.

This time, what got my attention was all the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and tunnels between them.

During my 20-minute meditation, it felt like I was scouring, inch by inch, horizontally and vertically, round the interior of this holy holey! globe, and that I, and others, will need to do this again and again. So much horror buried down there, so many black projects, so many children’s bodies, so many ET and hybrid experiments. Really sickening. Part of the purgation that absolutely must be disgorged during this extraordinary Plutonian time.


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