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During this ongoing scamplandemic, until recently, whenever I was “mandated” to wear a mask, I did, though always below my nose — spitefully putting it on just after entering a grocery store and taking it off just before leaving. I estimate that during these 18 months, I’ve had a below-the-nose mask on no more than two hours total. And only once, during these 18 looooong months, did a mask nazi bark, “COVER YOUR NOSE!” and that was in our friendly(?) local co-op! Ever since then, I go out of my way to avoid going there, and mostly succeed.

Of course, during the short period of time this year when masks were only required for the unvaxxed, like other contrarians I “identified” as vaxxed, and sailed through stores with bare face. Plus: I got the distinct impression that the masked ones in there were mostly vaxxed! —since so many many people in this academic town got the jab. Wait a minute. Isn’t the vax supposed to protect you? This is one obvious example of how things have gone completely topsy-turvy . . .

Once the deep state decided to ramp the plandemic up again, inventing the “delta variant” as a cover for the massive numbers of people who were falling ill just after getting the poisonous vax, of course the mandate tightened again, and there we were, all of us supposed to mask up again, even the vaxxed, who had thought getting the jab would free them!

Nope, sorry about that. There. will. be. no. return. to. “normal.”

Meanwhile, we have to continue to look at the “data” very very carefully. For example, did you know the reason why they can claim that “most ‘covid’ patients in hospitals are unvaccinated”? In other words, how they can scream that we’ve descended into a pandemic of the unvaxxed? It’s because a person is not counted as vaxxed until two weeks have passed from either the second shot or the first (for the J & J). And yes, most people who fall ill enough to go to the hospital do so well within that two-week span.

And of course, we now know that being hospitalized, given the protocols mandated by the FDA, or is it the NIH?, or the WHO, or the NWO?  — is equivalent to a possible, even likely, death sentence. In short, hospitals are the gas chambers of the Covid Nazi agenda. Once the “patient” is put on Remdesivir and intubated, they usually die. See the Robert David Steele post. And see the funeral director post.

Okay, back to masks. Here’s a whistleblower post who talks specifically about the paper masks that most of us wear, boxes of which are conveniently available for those who “forgot” upon entering a store.

Please read this entire thread. It starts:


In other words, besides processed “food, ” GMOs, pesticides, fluoridated water, chemtrails raining from the skies, teflon pans, Big Pharma drugs designed to keep us sick, — on and on, ramped up hugely since World War II when chemical weapons were repurposed as pesticides — the dreaded word “covid” finally arrived as the end game, amped up since January 2020 (but really, way way before that, given the many decades of planning, including the final, Gates sponsored Event 201) —

— plus the official Faux-ci determination to demonize real therapeutics like Ivermectin and HCL, and recently, the knowledge that hospital protocols kill, we now know that these sometimes Chinese made masks, are themselves killing us. 

Whoopee! It’s a wonder any of us are still alive!

Recently, I’ve decided not to wear my mask, even below my nose, unless I’m not feeling rested enough that day to be able to handle whatever someone would throw at me for not wearing it. Usually, there’s no problem. I’m the only one in the store unmasked, but nobody looks at me as if I’m evil or full of cooties. Perhaps, secretly, they are filing away the fact that here’s an old lady without a mask. She’s not scared. Why not? Perhaps red-pilling begins just that way, with a moment of doubt.

Another person I know, who has not worn a mask at all, no matter where he is, during this “delta” stage of their plandemic, though he does carry one in his pocket in case someone does ask, was standing in a very long line at Krogers yesterday, the only one without a mask, and nobody looking at him weird, when he got into a conversation with a woman who looked to be in her sixties. She started it: “So you’re not wearing a mask?” “No, never want to wear one again.” “Are you vaxxed?” “Hell no. Would never do that to my body, although I do take plenty of supplements and eat well otherwise. He ticked them off: Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, Quercetin, C-60, Ivermectin . . . and showed her an app on his phone where she could get the Zelenko Protocol, to include most of the ones he takes. She warmed up. Said she had gotten the first shot, but felt so sick afterwards that she’s determined never to get another one. “About six months ago,” she continued, “I stopped reading and watching mainstream news. Now I go to all sorts of alternative sources.” “Which ones?” She named Mel K, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, all people decidedly in the red-pill camp. He praised her for thinking for herself, knowing that she’s feeling very alone in her ongoing transformation.

I bet this lonely woman sailed out of Krogers with winged feet, so excited was she to meet another authentically sovereign human soul.







  1. Anecdotal. If I work for a large university that requires vaccinations of all students and employees, and not one single person has died or even been hospitalized. We’re talking some 60,000+ people. Of course, we’re in a sane blue state.

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