Covidiana: Resistance is not only NOT futile, it’s fantastic!

Just here in Indiana, for example, this rally yesterday gathered hundreds of people together, and promises to seed all sorts of new candidates for public office. When I went online to find out how the rally went, I came across this report by Margaret Menge, the same woman who stood up to the school board here in Bloomington, and who even lives in my own Green Acres Neighborhood — and I still have not met her! Soon, I hope.

Hundreds Rally at Indiana Statehouse to Oppose Vaccine Mandates

Meanwhile, videos of nurses leaving their profession grows exponentially, leaving hospitals short-staffed. For example, this, in bitchute:

Crisis: Millions of Nurses Resigning or Fired over Covid Shot Mandates

Then there’s the facebook post where people were invited to speak of hospitalizations and deaths of the unvaxxed, and the invite boomeranged in a big way.

Unexpected and horrifying: thousands flood ABC affiliates facebook page with vaccination horror stories.

A quarter or more of active duty Navy seals are refusing the vaccine.

Then there’s the weatherman who was fired after 33 years, and leaves us with this message, which reads, in part:

In this morning’s local Herald-Times, two front page headlines jumped out at me.

First: How many Hoosiers were exempt from IU’s vaccine mandate?

Well, it turns out that about 10% of all IU students, faculty, and staff received exemptions! That comes to 12,006 people across all of its campuses. These exemptions included: religious, medical, and, wait for it, ethical! In fact, 907 people got the ethical exemption. This makes me wonder about the 125 IU people who were fired for not getting the vax. Did they not try for an exemption, especially an ethical exemption?

Next: And this one, top right, above the fold, a laudatory article. YUCK!


And, most damning of all . . .

. . . unless, that is, you enlarge the context historically. Predatory capitalism, at its finest!

It’s too late. They can’t get away with their planned, oh-so-clever genocide. Too many of us are already waking up, standing up, and some of us, like the new whistleblower for Project Veritas —

— and the funeral director in the UK, are entirely willing to put their very lives on the line.

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