Dr. David Martin: “Who benefits from GMO?”

In this video David and Kim Martin examine their own pantry to check the labels on packaged goods, discovering that even for them, who mostly eat organic, it’s true, 70% of food-to-which-something-is-added is infected with GMO.  Plus, David adds, if you are rich enough to have stocks, then you’re likely profiting from companies that produce or push GMO.

David notes the irony that even we who disdain to inject an unknown substance are willing to ingest all sorts of unknown substances.

David is a searing truthteller who also happens to have a wide background in all sorts of hidden-in-plain- sight facts that most of us don’t realize we need to know about. Plus, his extremely incisive and articulate analytic intellect seems to be able connect thousands of dots, all at once, in layers.

Sent to me by a woman whose own experience corroborates David Martin’s findings:

I knew a lot of it, because I once worked in a regulatory office at a state university and I watched the influence that multinational corporate entities had over regulatory offices THEN, in 1992-1994.
When I expressed concerns about things like GMOs and pesticides in agriculture, I was told in very hostile terms that these were “multi-billion dollar industries” and so I should sit down and shut up.
The big ag companies threw big parties then for the mostly Republican, deregulation-agenda ag inspectors whenever they had national meetings, and no one wanted to challenge or upset those big companies.
What actually freaked me out at the time was that the men heading my office were very involved in pushing the global free trade agenda, because the dean of the ag school had been involved in drafting documents for the GATT (General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs, the predecessor to the WTO). Our sleepy little backwater Midwestern ag office was getting faxes from Casper Weinberger’s law firm in DC – and having briefly worked on the East Coast, I didn’t think backwater offices in the midwest were normally in the thick of developing DC trade policy for the US. But what a great cover, eh? Ship out some of the work to somewhere none of the reporters or activists would be following…
It felt to me similar to Martin’s realization that many of the corporate elite are eugenics supporters – when you think somebody’s just an innocuous executive, but you find out he/she is on all these bizarre committees.
David Martin’s website indicates determination to help ignite what he calls The Wobble Effect within human beings .  . .
The Wobble Effect: “We change from the inside out, to do everything differently; look at everything differently and bring humanity back into work and humans so we can fully live.”
Oh, and by the way . . .

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