MORE RESISTANCE, at every scale

Most bars here in Bloomington Indiana now require a vaccine passport for entry. Not that I care. But so does the week-long Lotus World Music Festival. There goes that formerly fun event.

This new, and seemingly growing divide, between the vaxxed and unvaxxed —

— where the vaxxed are indoctrinated to think there’s a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated, and the unvaccinated do their own research enough to know there is a real Pandemic of the Vaccinated —

—reminds me of an old divide, which the politically correct folks in this town now seek to correct, by canceling history, renaming streets. I refer to the street known as Jordan Ave. Apparently, the man with that name was a eugenicist.  Eugenicists divided people into two groups then, just as vaccine passports do now. Go figure.

Meanwhile, resistance, in different ways and at different scales, continues to build. Examples:

Same is true in Bulgaria, where only 20% agreed to get the jab.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas latest whistleblower, the nurse who says the vaccines are “full of shit,” garnered $250,000 on GoFundMe to help her with whatever comes next, thanks to this:


Meanwhile, and this is HUGE!


Finally, this one blows me away. Perhaps I have something in common with virtue-signaling, Democrat-slush-fund Black Lives Matter after all? And let’s face it, folks. What we’ve got to do is focus on what we have in common, each with others in our own localities,  no matter how radically our minds may differ on the meaning and seriousness of the plandemic, if we wish to bring ourselves into alignment world-wide. And we do!

2 thoughts on “MORE RESISTANCE, at every scale

  1. That’s a surprise, but good on them if true (BLM). They know the history of medical experimentation on black people. Re Jordan: What hypocrites! They follow the diktats of “bioethicists” (just rebranded eugenicists) but rename the street? Better to have a teach-in and educate everyone on all the tech billionaires (Gates anyone?) who endorse eugenics views today!

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