Arizona Audit Hearing: Opening Ceremony for Taking Our Country Back?

Contrary to many people’s expectations, the Arizona Audit Hearing did not focus on who won the 2020 election. Instead, the entire focus was on what actually and exactly went on in a single county in Arizona, Maricopa County, which, however, just happens to be the 6th largest county in the U.S.!

What went on before, during and after the election.

What went on forensically, told in extreme detail, and what went on politically, with the opposition attempting to stop, squelch, lead astray, refuse to provide evidence, swipe or hide records, etc. at every level.

I viewed yesterday’s entire drama as ceremony, the Opening Ceremony for “taking our country back,” re-establishing it as a constitutional republic, thanks to this extraordinary “gold standard” of forensic audits that resulted in finally beginning to look from close to, at the massive fraud and other criminality which has infected our elections, and thus has actually (without most people admitting it) vitiated the results, so that we are now living in a shadowy, dream-like faked world, with this weird thing named “Biden” as the so-called President who has, to date, opened the floodgates to millions of unvetted illegal aliens across the southern border, made a horrific, destructive, murderous mess of the process of leaving Afghanistan, and caused gas prices, one obvious measure of inflation, to spike, seemingly week by week. Meanwhile, every muffled word that comes out of his mouth is either programmed or off-the-cuff, embarrassing or distressing to his handlers. Every time Biden (by which I probably mean either a clone, or a double) appears on any stage he looks like a complete fool, and the video of his falling up the stairs continues to circulate.

Perhaps “Biden” is the perfect actor, starring in a horror movie? Thanks to all that has taken place since the 2020 election, the formerly almighty United States has transmogrified into the laughing stock of the entire world as it continues its steep descent into 3rd world status.

Pluto’s wrecking ball is proving relentless, as it finally reaches its very first Pluto Return to its natal place since the U.S. was birthed on July 4, 1776. Given that Pluto signifies, above all, Power, we are in the middle of experiencing what the wrong use of Power produces, when taken to extremes. Hopefully, if the United States survives this death and rebirth process, this nation will re-emerge chastened, recognizing that centralized, top down Power over others is never correct. That constantly starting wars and funding both sides for profit and control is never the right us of Power. That trafficking children and adrenochrome to steal their life force is never the right use of Power.

Authentic Power must be allowed and exercised first of all, as the expression of the life force within each individual, who through free choice, decides the direction of his or her own life. Each individual is the center of the universe, and powers the whole.

From “Power Over,” to “Power from Within.” Thanks for this clear distinction, Starhawk!

And notice her 3rd type: “power-with.” Yes, this first ever forensic audit of a U.S. election showed clearly what people can do, when they work together for the good of the whole.

Here’s a pdf of the Executive Summary of the audit report.

Executive Summary Maricopa Audit

Here’s a very interesting analysis of what went on by experts and observers who were working with the audit since its beginning, in March.

And hey, guess what? Just from Dr. Shiva’s forensic analysis of “whether or not ballots had signatures,”  this result.

So, to top it the Opening Ceremony, I looked at headlines in the NYT this morning. One of which started out:

Arizona “humiliation”? “sputtered” to a close . . ? I have a distinct impression that, over the next few weeks, as the MSM continues its fakery re: the 2020 election,  we are to witness the ignominious descent of the MSM into utter oblivion.


BTW: the MSM keeps focusing on recounting ballots, which puts, it says, Biden in an even bigger lead. Yeah, says Seth Keshel. That’s like handing someone $100, in counterfeit $20 bills. The point is, this was a forensic analysis, not a recount. DUH!

2 thoughts on “Arizona Audit Hearing: Opening Ceremony for Taking Our Country Back?

  1. And Robert Barnes says it established a precedent – several new laws may be passed in Arizona to block this ever happening again.

    He is disappointed though that the simplest way to check ballot validity, to use signature matches, was not used by the auditors, though they did remark that many ballots had a signature that was just a straight line.

    1. I read that Cyber Ninjas didn’t do something that most people thought they needed to do, perhaps it was the same thing Robert Barnes is talking about. If so, they said that it was not in their contract with the Senate to do so.

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