Neil Oliver: “The strongest smell of fear is coming from the government.” And no wonder!

Why do our “leaders” Fear us so? Neil Oliver explains.

The stark reality is, as the population increases, the same small number of people attempt to control our growing numbers. And “control is a reaction to fear.

Neil Oliver: “The strongest smell of fear is coming from government.” “It smells like victory. Hold the line.”

In my LAF meditation today, after D.C., I found myself at “America’s Stonehenge,” otherwise known as the Georgia Guidestones. And suddenly, a vivid image: of the Guidestones dissolving into dust, the way the Twin Towers did. Does recent(?) graffiti herald the direction of its future?


Note: the following video was created in April 2020, during the then new plandemic, but many months before the deadly vaccine rollout. I wonder what its author would say now.

Do the math.

Oh wow. Just discovered that the Georgia Guidestones were apparently toppled sometime this month, September 2021. But then re-installed . . .

Better to dissolve them altogether.


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