Today’s Sunday LAF Meditation: ANOTHER SYNCHRONICITY!

Son Colin decided to join me again for today’s meditation, set for 8:00 AM, every Sunday, since we began on the Full Moon in Leo,  August 22. This is the 3rd time he’s joined me. We’re getting into a groove. His guidance, so far, always tells him to shower love down to Earth from Above. My guidance, so far, tells me to go Below, channel Love to alchemize the Fear buried within the Earth’s body — and that includes all our bodies, which, remember, are antennas for Earth.

But it was just this morning that we realized the complementarity of our separate meditations, done either while sitting across from each other, or in separate places. And it was just this morning that, when we each spoke of our experience afterwards, we discovered that both our meditations specifically included Earth’s north and south poles.

Also, more and more, we are realizing the power of this meditational practice, given that, for each of us individually, and both of us together, we find ourselves channeling Love in a more and more profound manner as time goes on. What started out as little sparkles of Love raining down for him, has turned into immense waves. What began as breathing intensely down into Earth’s core for me (difficult: the core felt stuck; I could barely make any head way — oops! heart way); now the channeling is both massive and productive, moving around the globe from beneath one hot spot to another — the Vatican, D.C. the Great Pyramid . . .

Not that we intended this progression; rather, it is being done through us. It’s as if each meditation opens each of us further to greater capacity for channeling the Love energy, so that, this morning, by the time we were complete it was as if we had to return from an alternate reality.

So I suppose it should come as no surprise to me, given the power of today’s experience, that during this meditation, the 6th one in a row, the phone rang . . .

I did not answer it. I did not even open my eyes.

Afterwards, I checked my phone. A call and voice message from a number I did not recognize. What’s the message? OH WOW it’s from Janet!

Now here’s the synchronicity, actually a series of them:

When I was gearing up for the first meditation in August, sending emails out to a number of people who might want to join us, I kept wanting to contact Janet, knowing she would be an unusually prime candidate to help get this meditation rolling in a profound way. But I couldn’t find the number she had left me. And I knew she had moved to Ecuador in the meantime. (Janet and I knew each other in Jackson Hole.)

But I never found her number. Which was VERY frustrating for me.

Meanwhile, Janet, on that same Sunday in August when we lit our LAF candle for the first time, found herself rooting around to find my phone number. Damn! Where is it? Then she realized that it must be in the container with all her things — which was still somewhere on the ocean on its way to Ecuador.

That she couldn’t contact me was VERY frustrating for her.

Ever since then, we discovered, we have been on each other’s minds.

So, yes, it was she who called this morning, DURING OUR MEDITATION! Her container had finally arrived; she was sitting among boxes in her new apartment, came across my phone number, and called me . . . DURING OUR MEDITATION.


When I called her back afterwards, she told me a riveting story of her journey to Ecuador that was itself full of synchronicities, including having finally arrived there only a few days prior to when they locked the place down for anyone entering the country unless they had the jab; including selling her house in Oregon to the perfect, very sympatico, buyer, at the very last minute, before leaving, after four years of having put it on and off the market. On and on.

Janet follows her guidance, no matter what.

That was back in 2016. “What? Really? Move to Ecuador?” She had a hard time believing what her guidance was telling her. But she followed through, despite knowing no one in that country, and despite a long slog through numerous obstacles and nine separate trips to check out where she wanted to live. Yes, the entire process took her five years; and BTW, she kept in mind as a possible Plan B, my remark to her, last year, before her plan finally fell into place, that she could always come here if it didn’t work out. But it DID work out. And she will be doing powerful work in Ecuador, I can feel it.

Okay. So I told her about our LAF meditation every Sunday to Alchemize Fear with Love. And of course she loved it. I invited her to join us. “Just figure out when 8 AM is where you are and do it then. This is a rolling meditation, a wave around the Earth.”

“But I want to do it with you, at the same time,” she responded. “And I want to speak of my experience during the meditation afterwards with you, every Sunday.”

Wow! I love how my instructions are then countermanded by somebody who has a better idea. This was one of them. Janet will now join us, it turns out, at 7 AM her time — not much difference, especially since she always gets up way earlier than that. She will call here about 5 minutes beforehand, and we’ll go from there.

YES! Love you, Janet!

And thank you to our guides, both for helping us to connect, and for the utterly exquisite timing.

Oh, and, remember, anyone who is doing this meditation is invited to comment here about your own experience. Plus, if you wish to be invited to join our private Telegram group, just let me know.

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