Protocols for healing the yawning divide between Vaxed and Unvaxed — PLUS, SILVER LININGS!

I live around both vaxed and unvaxed people. And I love them all. But: given my “sources of information,”  I must be proactive. I learned this one day when I was out gardening,  and I got a cut on my hand. When I put my finger on the cut and pulled it off, a string of blood stuck to it! I.e., my blood was beginning to coagulate. 

There are lots of videos out now about how vaxed folks “shed” or “transmit” spike proteins. Especially during the first seven weeks after any of the shots? I saw somewhere that Pfizer recommends that no one have sexual relations during those first seven weeks, so I put two and two together.

I see a natural healer, and she put me on to Nitric Oxide SANGUENOL (by North American Nutra). I was taking two per day, but I now need more, so have upped from two to four per day. This will likely be something that I will have to use to simply maintain my health for who knows how long.

Meanwhile, I just discovered a recipe that supposedly takes care of both the spike proteins and the graphene oxide:

The ingredients I didn’t know about: beans (any canned beans, high in zinc) and citric acid, which makes the zinc more bioavailable. Also grapefruit, lemons, pine needles (or star anise, or fennel). Now I just need to figure out where to purchase citric acid.
Meanwhile, I have a bag of finely cut cinchona bark here, and am taking it as a tea, in the evenings. This bark contains quinine (think HCQ). I also made a tincture with it, in case needed.
Here’s another source, David Avocado Wolfe, listing all sorts of things we can do to neutralize the poisons in the vax.
I keep noticing silver linings re: this extraordinary plandemic psy-op that has now transmogrified into what apparently has been the deep state/cabal/illuminati agenda all along: genocide, depopulation, via the so-called “vaccines.”
Besides the increasingly obvious decimation of fake news MSM, plus our increasing recognition that congress the courts, and the alphabet agencies are corrupt (not to mention the roaring “Fuck Joe Biden” sentiment), here’s another one of the silver linings, already visible, to those who have eyes to see.
Both Big Pharma and Big Med will be destroyed, due to ongoing exposure as harming, rather than healing, human beings. Why? Because out of sheer necessity, we are beginning to reclaim sovereignty over our own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Oh, and BTW: notice how all the real remedies come from Nature? Yep, many of them “weeds,” likely growing around you, where you live.
Another silver lining: I don’t know about you, but I’m highly aware, at this point, that it is much easier now, to connect momentarily with the soul of whomever I pass by on the street. Not always, of course, but usually. Which is amazing, given that more than 50% of the population in this college town has been vaccinated — and some say that vaccination disrupts the connection to the soul. For example, Rudolf Steiner:
So if that’s the case, then how come it’s easy for me to connect with the soul of another through the eyes on my daily walks? Could it be because the word “dog”, spelled backwards, is “god”? As an old friend who called me recently,  said, full of wonder: “A few years ago, I finally got a dog. And you know what? I had no idea that I was so out of touch with love. That instead, I had been holding hate in my heart. My dog is teaching me how to love.” As he said this, I could feel his voice breaking with emotion.
Here’s how I do it: puppy Shadow and I walk along the street. Passersby coming towards us, unless distracted by their phones (about 20%, I estimate are distracted), invariably begin to smile when they notice puppy Shadow. Then they naturally look up at me, also smiling. Voila! It’s as if a light goes on, and they break out into a big smile, not a care in the world. For one infinitely long nanosecond, are hearts lift and we are two sovereign souls, at one with all.
But why is it easier now, during the plandemic, to connect with the soul of another, especially when so many are, supposedly, now out of touch with their souls? I have a feeling that all the mandates that require us to isolate from one another have begun to boomerang. So that we now realize just how much we need one another, care for one another.
Plus, if we meet now without masks, we realize and thoroughly appreciate, just how much our smiles communicate our connection.
Which reminds me: Here’s an interesting experiment,  found on Martin Geddes Telegram channel:
Yes, as with any polarity, it’s never one or the other, it’s always both. Neils Bohr: “The opposite of one great Truth is another Great Truth.”
In this case, Individual AND Community.
BTW: Martin Geddes has a wonderful new video out where he talks about individual autonomy. Which made me think about individual sovereignty. What is the difference? Why do I prefer the word “sovereign” to the word “autonomous”? I think it’s because, though they both refer to a person acting according to his or her own free will, the word “sovereign” has connotations of power. Power from within. We are powerful beings, each of us, moving through the world as sovereign souls at one with all, watching the universe bend in the direction of our clear, uncluttered intent.

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