GOOD VS. EVIL: Three days in September, a (bloody) tale for our times

I had an appointment with my natural healer on Sunday. We are working consistently with the fact that my blood is affected by being around vaxed people. But the night before, I had talked to an old friend of mine. And will need to start the tale there.

Claudia and I have known each other since 1985. She was the one to whom I turned when I needed to process the toxic relationship with my father. She held space for Orphan Annie for years, especially helping me process by discussing my dreams, which, unlike me, she consistently remembered for years afterwards! Our conversations, on the phone (though we do room together at Crones Counsels) were lengthy and deep.

During the past 18 months, and especially, since the vax was rolled out, Claudia and I have not been able to hold our usual profound discussions, due to the fact that she and I somehow ended up on either side of the political? theological? divide re: COVID. She was one of those who thought Fauci could do no wrong, and so in our phone calls, we found ourselves steering carefully around the most important subject of our time. I’m sure it was as difficult for her as for me to realize that we were both censoring ourselves.

Until, that is, she somehow came across a single article that pointed out Fauci’s involvement in the AIDS devastation.

Which completely blew her mind.

Overnight, she had to red-pill herself.

For many years Claudia had lived in the Castro district of San Francisco, to which, during the late ’80s, I would travel from my home in Jackson Wyoming to read astrological charts for her many gay male friends. It was a tense time. Many of her friends died.

So, all of a sudden, Claudia had red-pilled herself, and the very next conversation we held, on Saturday evening, was about GOOD and EVIL.

Claudia has been dealing with a chronic staph issue, and has been trying antibiotics again. I told her I was going to see my natural healer the next day, and I would ask her if she had any ideas about what Claudia might do for it.

My question led to an entire session focused on Claudia. Using my body as a conduit for muscle-testing, my healer said, almost immediately, “Forget her staph; for now, she needs to focus on her heart. Her heart and circulation are seriously compromised.”

Yes, despite my objection, Claudia had taken two doses of the Pfizer vax, with the second a few months ago. When I heard, on Saturday night, that her staph infection had worsened, I mentioned that the vax can exacerbate long-standing problems.

But now my healer was saying, NO. Focus on the heart. I hadn’t mentioned Claudia’s heart to her, and in fact, I hadn’t been thinking about it myself, but Claudia has had heart issues in the past as well, even breaking her hip due to a sudden stroke a few years ago, and blacking out several times since then.

So my healer, without knowing this, had picked up on it. And of course,  heart, blood, and circulation are big issues now, for both vaxed and unvaxed (like me), due to the vaxed manufacturing and shedding spike proteins.

On Sunday, utilizing my body as conduit, my healer figured out what remedies to send to Claudia, including a homeopathic that has Ivermectin imprinted into it, given that she is not strong enough, at this point, to ingest Ivermectin as a physical substance.

Needless to say, we postponed my own session until the next day, Monday, when I discovered that for now I must take twice as much of the medication that keeps my blood from congealing.

Okay, back to Claudia.

I wanted to get these meds to her immediately, so decided to overnight them on Monday with signature required. Claudia’s daughter, who lives with her, told me that Fed Ex is best, if sent to their home requiring a signature. So I did this, at a cost of $116! It was important that the package get there on time, and that she receive it personally.

Okay, flash forward to yesterday, Tuesday. I had told Claudia that the package would arrive sometime between 10 am and 4 pm. So she was waiting for it, at home, on Vashon Island, off the coast of Seattle.

At 4 pm my time, I called her. It hadn’t yet arrived. Called her a few hours later. No. Not there yet. I looked online. The package was supposedly delivered at 2:35 pm, not requiring a signature. What? But it did require a signature . . .

It was at this moment, yesterday, on Tuesday, when I suddenly realized: MERCURY TURNED TO GO RETROGRADE ON MONDAY, the day I sent the package for overnight delivery!

Not that it made me feel any better, but it did jive with what I know about transportation and communication problems that tend to crop up with Mercury retrograde, and especially, during the day it turns.

This morning, Wednesday, I pursued the problem, going back to Fed Ex, and the lovely young woman there was the one who had also taken my order two days earlier. She remembered pushing the button that said “signature required. . .”

She told me that they are just a print shop here, and cannot deal with either tracing the package or with getting a refund in case it’s not found. Said I had to phone them.

So I did. And despite pressing the # key over and over (she had said to do this to get a human voice), I hung up and called back four times before I finally got a human on the phone. She said tracing a package might take a week or more, and that I couldn’t get my money back until an invoice for the order had been generated, and that wouldn’t be until probably Friday.

Oh geez! What to do? I will need to get the healer to get the medications ready again, and send again overnight, but this time not using Fed Ex!

So, that’s when Claudia and I spoke again on the phone this morning, both of us entirely frustrated on the 3D plane and yet equally wowed by the fact that Mercury had turned on the day I sent the package.

And then . . . her daughter discovered the package. It had been left on the front porch, a place where neither of them ever go . . .

During our conversation late Sunday, after I realized that she really was “at death’s door” — she had said to me the night before that she hoped she could live a few more years, but that she feels really exhausted all the time, and I have a feeling that her sudden red-pill devastation had about put her under — I tried to encourage her. “Know that the situation really is drastic, which is why I need to overnight these meds to you, but realize too, that all you need to do is focus on what you want to bring into this world, on the GOOD rather than the EVIL.

“Oh I do!” she responded. “Just today, in the store (the two of them run a wonderful little store on the island), a woman came in who was tattooed and had weird metal rings in her nose, etc, baseball cap on backwards . . . not at all a person that would normally speak to me in any real way. But as she was paying for her purchase she suddenly said that though she normally doesn’t dream, she had had a very powerful dream the night before, and described it to me.” Listening carefully, Claudia responded, “I think this dream is telling you something about yourself! And that you need to find out what it is. Keep a journal. Here, I want you to have this journal,” Claudia announced, as she picked up what I imagine, knowing Claudia, was the very finest one in the store, likely leather-bound, and handed it to her as a gift. The woman was, of course, floored. She had never thought about herself, and she had never had someone value either her or her dreams. A poignant moment.

So yes, Claudia does need to stay around a few more years. And hopefully, these medications will allow her body to support her generous spirit.







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