How, who, and what’s driving the GLOBAL GENOCIDAL NIGHTMARE? Karen Kingston, Tim Gielen

I have not watched either of these yet, but I will! Pant pant!

The first, an interview with whistleblower and medical analyst Karen Kingston who focuses specificially on documents that prove the now long-running Covid psy-op has been deliberately turned into a global genocidal nightmare via the poisonous vax, was recommended by a GAV resident. Another GAV resident just told me that this video points to actual studies by Pfizer that “are so damning, it’s unbelievable!”

HINT: No matter what the findings, there’s plenty we can do, whether vaxed or unvaxed, not just to limit the damage, but in the process, shift our entire world-view to include the natural world rather than avoid it!  See this.

Unvaxed at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter – Karen Kingston

The second video rears back to take the larger economic perspective on how “the Monopoly” uses Covid to drive the long-desired Global Reset, sent to me by Carol Rosin, old friend and prescient long-time spearhead of the ongoing multinational effort to create Peace in Space.

HINT: buy and grow locally, learn to fix stuff that breaks, love yourself and others, share freely to create a parallel, gift economy (search duck duck go, gift economy exopermaculture, for six posts on this subject); in short, live, as far as possible, below money. The globalists count on our F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), our indoctrinated belief in scarcity, and our subsequent greed and need for control (to ensure survival).

MONOPOLY — Who Owns the World?


2 thoughts on “How, who, and what’s driving the GLOBAL GENOCIDAL NIGHTMARE? Karen Kingston, Tim Gielen

  1. Also: from Catherine Austin Fitts and women of Children’s Health Defense Europe – Use cash on Fridays! Use cash, not digital, wherever you can.

    1. Great idea! And when possible, exchange without the intermediary of money or anything else, which is a whole new ball game! However, how to scale up? It might be this currency of trust and authentic friendship can only remain at the personal, one to one level, or the small group level. Which, to me, says THAT’S how important this level is!

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