Where have all the service workers gone? Might my darkest imaginings be true? — AND MORE


As long as service workers were receiving free government handouts during the plandemic, I could chalk up the shortage of workers for small businesses in this town and everywhere else in the U.S. to that. Why work, when you can get more money by staying home?

But then the free money stopped. And yet the worker shortage continued. I asked a young friend of mine who happens to work at a local business, what does he think is going on. He says he thinks they have found other ways to get by, and specifically mentioned working from home, on-line. Or, I imagine,  in small, entreprenurial start-ups? If so, more power to them!

But what if darker, more sinister forces are at work. What if at least some of the people who have disappeared from the work force have actually been “disappeared “?

The phrase “the disappeared” got its start in Argentina, during the time globalist Pope Francis Bergoglio  — who, yes, proclaimed recently that getting the vax is “an act of love”— was  top Jesuit there.

Are we seeing something of the same here in the U.S. now,  as former workers fail to return to service jobs? Is it just that they found something better to do? Is it just that they are holding out for better wages?

To me, if there is another explanation, then it’s likely directly related to the ongoing, utterly historic Covid nightmare, which more and more people, including myself, are now coming right out and calling genocide. In fact, I’m finding myself more and more in alignment with Mike Adams who I used to think was too much of a doomer, continuously looking at the dark side of things and amping it up. And that may have been true, earlier. But now? Please pay attention to all the signs in the windows of businesses you enter (with or without your drat mask; for me? WITHOUT) — and absorb this:

SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

PLUS:  check this out: Attorney Thomas Renz, another new star rising over the horizon, joining the thousands of other courageous stars who are sticking their necks out and putting their lives on the line for the future of the world’s children, both locally — e.g. in front of school boards, nationally, and beyond.

Renz, frontline doctors’ lead attorney, has been informed by whistleblowers about the vaccine death numbers compiled by CME, the source that keeps track of Medicare data. Medicare recipients comprise 18% of the U.S. population. Which means that findings by CME are extraordinarily significant. And 45,000 died within three days of receiving the CV shot.




Now here’s the AND MORE:

Despite my dark imaginings, I cannot help but feel that the tide has turned, that the seemingly inevitable rush towards the globalist GREAT RESET IS now being successfully countered by the GREAT AWAKENING. And what is this great awakening? It is we the people’s recognition of, and coming to terms with, the massive evil and corruption that has ruled the entire world for centuries, if not millennia. And, more and more, we are working together to expose the individuals and institutions that have promoted these dark practices.

Can you imagine how extraordinary our world will be when we begin, together,  not just to expose the EVIL, but to usher in the GOOD?

Check this out:

A Profound Fable of Planetary Transformation



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