Two Newsletters Expand Perspectives on the Covid Cult

I’ve been talking more with my friend Claudia who, BTW, says that I was incorrect. She did not see Fauci as an expert; indeed, she considered him in love with the “noble lie.” What changed for her, is that she realized the lie was NOT noble . . .

In any case, I agreed to continue to red-pill her, said I would send her stuff as I come across it.

So here are two obvious sources: newsletters, to which I subscribe, and which never fail to deliver.

For the first, see, the October 2 edition.

For the second, go to, the October 2 edition, which is titled, as a whole, “Why you should not take the Covid. vaccine.”

The articles chosen for both these newsletters focus on aspects of, perspectives upon, little recognized “facts” about — what we can, without exaggeration, label, at this point the Covid Cult. Yes. Tell me, at this point in history, what else is there? All concerns — even the 2020 election fiasco! — now get sucked into this unprecedented,. seemingly unending,  trauma-based, MK Ultra mind-controlled global nightmare, which, according to Lisa Renee, will shift into a new phase on or about March 2022.

BTW, the shift frequency newsletter tends to be more multidimensional than the global research newsletter, but both are well worth my time — and yours? I’ve read several articles in each so far, and will pursue others, especially from authors I don’t yet recognize. For me, as an alt-epistemologist, it’s crucial to keep expanding my perspective, and that means, in part, to keep exploring new sources, while holding my own embodied center as a grounded, sovereign soul at one with all — in the exact center of an infinitely expanding universe.

Speaking of which, I really enjoyed this piece by Kauilapele. And I agree, “Heaven” means “Expansion.”


Kp Message 9-30-21… “A ‘Sense’: the Magic Carpet Ride is about to begin”

…and I cannot say exactly what that ride will be like. This was just the Presence I felt right now that this “ride” we are currently on is going to go faster and faster and faster and higher and higher and higher.

I was explaining to someone today about my understanding of the word, “Heaven”. At one point in my spiritual journey, I learned that “Heaven” meant “Expansion”. That always has stuck with me.

If I am continually expanding, in consciousness, in awareness… I am always “in Heaven”.

“Heaven” is not a place. It is a continual expansion.

When I am in that state, I am always on a ride… a “Magic Carpet Ride”.

We’ll see how things unfold before our (3D) eyes during the next period of days.

“Red October”… could that mean “Red Pill October”?

Could also mean other things.

No matter what, I feel many of us have signed up for this “Magic Carpet Ride”. I suggest we all go out and Enjoy every moment of it.

Aloha, Kp



2 thoughts on “Two Newsletters Expand Perspectives on the Covid Cult

  1. Thanks very much for including Shift Frequency in your newsletter review. Much appreciated 🙂

    This biowarfare event has the layered characteristic of Russian dolls – multiple players embedded strategically within and across needed disciplines and structures with the sole purpose of people extermination in mind.

    What’s saddest of all is a once (mostly) trusted industry has been turned into a complicit killer for profit.

    1. All part of The Great Awakening to the corruption, greed, of the institutional ponerology that “governs” this world? But then there’s the question: which will come first, the Great Awakening? Or the Great Reset? On one level, it feels like the two massive global movements are neck and neck, heading down the homestretch. On another level, it feels like we’ve already reached the tipping point.

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