COVID CON: Let’s face it folks. We’ve reached the hill that we need to be willing to die on.

Every day I scan the obits in our local Herald-Times, looking for “unexpected” deaths, especially of those who were relatively young. Never have I seen any mention of the possible relationship between getting the jab and sudden complications and/or death, happening usually, BTW, within the first two weeks, during the very period when hospitals are instructed to say that patients are UNVACCINATED. Get the con?

Here is the very first official notice I’ve seen that correlates a young healthy woman’s death with having taken the jab.

Jessica Wilson Obituary

Notice the attempt at censorship below the so-called “misleading” tweet.

Meanwhile, locally, here is an interesting thread, from my nextdoor account.

Yes, how very odd.

I thought about commenting on this thread for days, and just didn’t want to deal with the flack. But it kept nagging me. Today I bit the bullet, thus: 

BTW: when I first tried to post my comment, a sign appeared saying that if I was talking about CV-19, I would need to check my facts and edit my response. But then, when I tried a second time, it went through. Likely my response will attract haters and/or mockers in this leftist indoctrinated academic town. Or maybe an ally or two?

I do sense that it is time for all of us to speak up. That we can’t hide in the shadows any longer, “afraid what people will say.” As some whistleblowers who out themselves by name now proclaim, “This is the hill I’m willing to die on.”

Let’s face it: there’s now a race on between The Great Reset and The Great Awakening. Which it shall be depends largely on how many of us are not just willing to wake up, but to speak up, no matter what the cost. 

One thought on “COVID CON: Let’s face it folks. We’ve reached the hill that we need to be willing to die on.

  1. I just came across that same obit that you posted, although it was online, but I can’t remember where. I shared it on my facebook page. Although this type of jab effect may be rare, I hope to help drive home the point that this jab should not be being forced on people. Now Newsom has mandated all school kids have to get this. There’s no way I’d be giving this to my kid.

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