The Covid Confusion Op: How Double (and triple, quadruple, etc.) Binds Hijack The Mind

In the ‘double bind’ there are two conflicting levels of communication and an injunction against commenting on the conflict.”

Tell me, is this not what humanity is experiencing now? It’s not just the cognitive dissonance that arises when what you already believe or want to believe conflicts with something you are told or read. It’s worse: double (or multiple) binds occur when numerous layers of conflicting info come at us from a million directions. What happens as a result? Unless we can hold the awareness of an observer or witness  while considering any number of conflicting layers, we will fall into confusion, and ultimately mental paralysis.

To give but one example of the double (multiple) bind, Faux-ci’s enormous numbers of conflicting remarks and advice over the past 20 months. These contradictions are deliberate: they illustrate a well-known MK Ultra mechanism used for controlling the mind.

Let’s get real. This Covid Confusion Op is intentional.

When we are mentally paralyzed we give up.

We give in.

Go ahead. Do with me what thou wilt. Sure. More jabs. Sure. No contact. Sure double, triple masks forever. Sure. Chip me. Sure. Whip me. Sure. Kick me. Sure. Kill me. Sure. Sure. Sure.

Unless we do practice developing an internal witness consciousness, the demonic entities in charge of this global operation to MK Ultra mind control humanity WILL SUCCEED in their globalist goal to exterminate 95% of the world’s population.

How to develop an internal witness consciousness? I discovered it via Gurdjieff, what he called “self-remembering.”  It’s simple. And fiendishly difficult! We are so used to going off center, getting caught up in whatever is happening around and to us. Instead . . .

Simply NOTICE. Notice when you are going off, becoming confused. Notice, each time, what appears to be causing the confusion, and notice your response. Does confusion make you dizzy? Sleepy? Make you want to “stop and figure it out?” (HA! Every rabbit hole leads to another, branches off in a million directions.) Keep on noticing. Every time you slip away, slip into unconsciousness, notice that, and return. Return to awareness — no matter what is going on. Eventually, these moments of awareness will extend and enlarge to create a double consciousness, with your inner witness as the stable, grounded center of your world that continually presents a swirling kaleidoscope of impressions, none of which you need to attach to as “beliefs.” In the final analysis, the problem is that our need for intellectual certainty (achieved via what we hope or assume or want to prove are “true beliefs”) substitutes for our real need, emotional security.

And how do we get there? By connecting with our own bodies. By truly feeling into our bodies, recognizing them as antennas for Earth, a living, conscious being, just like we are. Does she too, get confused? I doubt it. Everything that lives upon her is entangled with everything else. Including ourselves! Only we don’t know it. For us, the Cartesian dictum: “I think, therefore I am.”  That’s how we were taught. That’s who we think we are.

No wonder so many people are having trouble recognizing, nourishing, and trusting their own immune systems! Duh!

I started to keep a folder a few weeks ago with fabulous memes illustrating double-binds, but then stopped because it just expanded so quickly. Instead, I offer you another of JP Sears’ pointed offerings, which, as usual, goes to the dark heart of the matter.


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