ASTROLOGY OF ANTHONY FAUCI — plus family crest and lineage

Good news. The NIH director is to step down by the end of 2021.

But Murderous King Fauci? Collins’ supposed underling, Anthony Fauci, head of the NAIAD, lives on, and in fact, has been seated on his exalted throne, waving the increasingly sophisticated wand of global genocide, during the tenure of seven presidents so far!

Check out this Juan O Savin video, where he describes, in detail, how MKUltra mind control programming is now being used in an attempt to capture, and exterminate, as far as possible, the entire human race.

An unvaxxed friend of mine, who recently moved to South America, and arrived just in time to not need a vax certificate to fly, moved into her new apartment only to discover that the woman who lives in the apartment next door to her used to work for Fauci. She left six years ago, calls him “a monster,” and said that she had discovered her home and office were bugged.

The fact that 80-year-old Faux-ci is still the head of the NAIAD after 38 years, and making the highest salary of anyone in the federal government, should give anyone pause. Who IS this Napoleonic figure that remains “in office,” even after all the email exposure tying him to Wuhan, and the obvious outsourcing of gain-of-function research exposed by the indefatigible Rand Paul, who has grilled him at least three times in full public view.

I searched back through my now archival site,, and discovered about two dozen posts where I at least mention his name, and many of them directly focused directly on his extreme and continuing, smooth-talking-out-of-both-sides-of-his-mouth perfidity.

A couple of days ago, someone sent me another interview with Dr. David Martin, this one with Mercola, and, as usual, Martin was all over Fauci’s case. 

BTW. In case you’re still not sure about whether or not the vax is dangerous, even deadly, here’s a VAER’s analysis:

And here’s another place where you can look up the data (that which is reported, anyhow). This one may be more thorough than VAERS.

Today, on this New Moon in Libra conjunct energizing Mars with purgative Pluto turning to go direct, I decided to investigate False-ci further, by looking at both astrology, and his own family line.

Here’s his chart, set for 0° Aries Ascendant.


Anyone familiar with astrological patterning will notice the enormous fixed emphasis in this chart, and that he sports an extremely powerful, entrenched, and secretive T-cross that features Jupiter and Saturn at 5° and 8° Taurus, opposed to Moon at 7° Scorpio, with all three opposing planets square Pluto at 3° Leo. PLUS: his Mars, at 22° Scorpio, exactly opposes Uranus in Taurus, also at 22°.

The fixed cross acts like a bow, with the midpoint an arrow that shoots to the other side, in this case the fixed sign that is missing in the fixed cross: Aquarius. On a hunch, I looked up Rand Paul’s birthchart, and yep, both his Mercury at 5° and his Saturn at 10° of Aquarius complete Fauci’s T-cross. Rand Paul is the perfect person to oppose and expose Fauci’s lies (Mercury/Saturn) without getting “triggered” himself. YES.

One would think, that with Mercury and Venus both in truth-seeking Sagittarius, Fauci would want, above all, to tell the truth! But no. He’s a chronic, pathological liar, utilizing his Neptune in Virgo square both Mercury and Sun to obfuscate, confuse, deny, and just plain lie.

Since Fauci is already 80 years old,  and on his way to his first and only Uranus return at 84 —and has been the head of the NAIAD for 38 years, approaching a half-cycle of Uranus — I wondered if the return of Uranus to its natal place would be what it would take to uproot this monster from his global throne.  (Notice that unpredictable, volatile Uranus is now in earthy Taurus, and has been since summer 2018, where it has been doing a great job providing earthquakes and volcanos, don’tcha think?)

Now half-way through its 7-year transit through Taurus, Uranus sits at 14°, only eight degrees from Fauci’s natal Uranus position at 22° Taurus, where remember, it opposes Mars in Scorpio, also at 22°.

Notice that when Uranus began to transit Fauci’s fixed T-cross, back in 2019, he was slowly moving into his long-awaited position of extreme prominence, getting ready to unleash the global bioweapon.

Now at 14°, Uranus sits between the T-cross and the Mars/Uranus opposition. By next August, it will reach 18°, and June through October 2023 Uranus will begin to reach its return, hovering around 22° Taurus.

Ye gods! Must we wait that long to see Fauci not just dethroned, but hung?!?

Meanwhile, his Sun is at 2°46 Capricorn. Using the next whole degree, I find both the sabian symbol for 3° Capricorn and one person’s interpretation of it extremely interesting. Geez!

It appears that False-ci has not only not fulfilled the promise of his soul’s evolutionary growth as shown in this symbol, (not to mention his Mercury/Venus refusal to tell the truth), but that, thanks to the AI nano in the vax, he is actively working to disconnect the entire global population from the very notion of soul —not to mention his complete disregard of the natural brilliance of the human immune system.

Okay. I’ll conclude with an astonishing meme. Note that Fauci is connected to the Abys (ABYSS!) family through his maternal line. And note the Abys family crest .  . .



Check out the child being swallowed whole by the snake. Did you know that foster children were used as guinea pigs by the NAIAD during the AIDS era. Surprised?

As he moves through the final phase of his global reign of terror, Fauci is attempting to expand his guinea pig experiment to include all humans on planet earth.


Aha! Just in. Fauci foiled?



2 thoughts on “ASTROLOGY OF ANTHONY FAUCI — plus family crest and lineage

  1. Hi Ann,

    Looking at Fraudci’s chart, won’t Uranus conjunct his black moon soon? If nothing else, his shadow side should be exposed soon for all who are willing to see. Beyond that, glad to see you posting this stuff. Never give in. Ever.

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