Tonics for the Human Immune System: Judy Mikovitz, Tucker Carlson

Dr. Judy Mikovitz has a much less “doomer” point of view than say, Clif High, who fully expects most vaxxed people to be dead within a few years. But, let me add: despite her soothing reassurance, everything depends on whether or not vaxxed folks recognize that their immune system needs rebuilding. As long as they “feel fine,” they may not think so.

People who are not vaxxed are often those who do pay attention to their immune systems. And paying attention is a tall order for those, usually the vaxxed, whose habits include fast food, substance abuse, sitting around on screens, and completely ignoring the natural world. Indeed, such a consistent, sustained focus on the immune system is an extremely tall order for them, and requires a profound sea change in daily habits.

The body is primary, folks. Unless we care for this body that our souls live in while incarnated on planet Earth, we end up sick, wasted, bored, desperate, obese (over 40%, at last count), and parasitic on society.

The alternative to this drudgery is to follow our soul’s call. What is the purpose of this incarnation? This is an individual matter for each of us. Check out what fascinates you; therein lies the direction of your higher intent. But to do so, the body must agree to come along! And we must partner with the body in order to do so. 

Furthermore, our bodily habits are often the result of emotional traumas that we have yet to clear. And, even for the willing, “processing” old difficult stuck memories takes time. Indeed, I’d say that the emotional traumas that we’ve all endured, the PTSD that results in habits which weaken and sicken us, is perhaps the single most difficult barrier to increasing the resilience of the human immune system. For me, it took seven long years, during which the entire time I was working with my journal, dreams, and co-counseling with certain female friends. “Orphan Annie” did not want to give up her bad habits. They fed her, she thought.

How I Stopped Smoking

Our new habits must include, as far as possible, the following: getting enough sleep, daily aerobic exercise, fresh, local and organic food, substituting good addictions for bad addictions (that’s what I had to do), supplements such as Vitamins C, D3, Zinc, NAC, C-60, Quercetin, Chaga mushroom (that’s basically my regimen), and paying attention to one’s weight. A tall order for those who have simply ignored their bodies, and/or who live in horrific fear of dying, and so are easy targets for the MK Ultra F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) psy-op that seems to have thrown at least half the world into chronic psychotic terror, which itself, of course, stresses the immune system to the breaking point.

With that long caveat, here’s Dr. Judy with Stew Peters, in a video meant to reassure us that life need not be over, whether or not we took the jab.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz talks shedding, jab recovery, and defeating the virus.

Another fabulous tonic for the human immune system is laughter. Gut wrenching belly laughter. Here’s Tucker on the Church of Fauci. Spot on. Lacerating. Hilarious.


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