Neck ‘n neck, race to the finish line: Great Reset vs. Great Awakening

The Covid Conundrum keeps on mutating, as the march towards the Great Reset races neck and neck with the march towards the Great Awakening. According to Clif High, October is the month when 30% of the normies (likely the vaxxed) WAKE UP.  (Ye Gods! Only three weeks left? What will be “the news” that opens sleepy normie eyes? Financial crash? Massive Hunter Biden reveal? Durham Report? Crimes against Humanity?) According to Juan O Savin, we need 80% of the U.S. population AWAKE before we use the military to take down the cabal. Otherwise, civil war. And, he claims, we have about 70% now. So: If about 50% of the population are vaxxed (probably not that high), and if 30% of those do WAKE UP this month, are we not up to and over the required 80%?

But then, there’s this:

In a civil war, the authoritarian left would be easily beaten; but it won’t end there

Here are five more posts which, as a set, demonstrate the evolutionary edge this Conniving Covid Crap is provoking.

Hmmm . . . How many companies are also having this particular difficulty because of Covid bullshit?

Companies are so desperate to fill jobs they’re getting rid of drug tests

Check out England. First six months after the vax:

Fact Check: 30,305 people did die within 21 days of having Covid-19 vaccine, says ONS: it’s simple math

Lots of sports figures are refusing the vax. Or, if consenting, with this recognition:

NBA star Andrew Wiggins on getting vaccinated: “I guess you don’t own your body”

Follow the money!

And of course, Famous Fraud-ci (who now has his very own movie out — gag) makes headlines again in one of his many appearances before the bought and paid for MSM. Question: who owns Fauci? Because you know very well that this highest paid official in the U.S. Gov is NOT singing his own tune. He’s just another, unusually narcissistic — loves the limelight and has proved his staying power — psychopathic puppet for the ones who remain hidden, in the shadows. Some even say aliens . . .

Fauci says people have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision on vaccines

Yeah, and besides, once they use successive boosters to turn you into a transhuman nano-AI robot, you won’t need to make any decisions, because . . . no more free will. So come on folks, do it now, just give in!

And yet . . .

Was there ever anyone more fun to make fun of?

On balance, what impresses me is human resilience throughout this latest, and most difficult endurance test we’ve ever, ever, EVER! encountered. So magnificent, so magical, we human beings. I discovered this once again last night when son Colin and I attended an in-person meeting near Martinsville, Indiana with about two dozen other unmasked people, all there to support and participate in a regional meeting of COS (Convention of States). I had  been invited as a result of signing this petition at the local fair a few months ago.

Initially, I wanted to go just to see who the people are locally who would attend such a meeting. (In the same way I began to attend UFO conferences. Who ARE these people? My interests start out sociological, and then mutate into — what? true believer? NO. But expanded awareness? YES!)

One redneck had on a Defend the Police teeshirt.

And of course, none of them were from Bloomington, which the mostly rural folk in the room told me they refer to as “The People’s Republic of Bloomington.”

I must say, I was very impressed. Lots of energy, lots of stories, some of which I missed, since we were late, having gotten lost.

Which is a story in itself, to wit: The new highway construction was making it very difficult for us to figure out how to get to the meeting at a church to which we had never been, and son Colin forgot his phone, and my phone doesn’t have the usual capacity. So we asked a woman in Martinsville, and she tried to explain, but then just gave up, and said, “Follow me.” So we did, about five confusing miles. When we arrived, Colin told me to take out what was in a bag in the back seat and hand it to her. So I did: a little cake, and some fruit jam — both Amish made. She was thrilled, and her kids in the back seat had a terrific lesson in the gifting economy.

Okay back to the meeting. We did arrive in time to hear from two people who were recently fired from their jobs, both for refusal to take the vax. One of them is/was a pastor who had just preached about the Covid Con to his congregation — and was then let go.

My kind of people.

One woman especially, blew everybody away, with her utter determination and infectious enthusiasm for the task at hand. She’s been personally investigating voter fraud here in Indiana, and no surprise, is already finding the same patterns as shown in Maricopa County, Arizona. Here’s another petition website she has just started.

And believe you me, she — and we — will get results. This is We the People movement is spreading from state to state, as localities everywhere WAKE UP in time to defeat the globalist Great Reset.

Oh, and BTW: when you push the “donate” button on her new website, here’s what pops up. YES!



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