LOVE AND FEAR: We know both. Which do we choose to act upon?

It continues. Whenever I go to Aldi, I don’t wear a mask. And inevitably, I am greeted cheerfully by masked folks in the long check-out lines. As if they are glad that I don’t wear a mask. As if they wish they were so bold. Will my not wearing a mask today inspire them next time?

Today, I had three items in my arms. Everyone in line except me had a full basket. As we waited close behind each other (to hell with social distancing) I noticed some “tights” on their weekly special aisle. Wondered if they contained polyester (I’m allergic.) Didn’t have my readers with me. Asked the middle-aged masked woman behind me if she would look at the label to see, ‘cuz I didn’t have my readers. “Well, I’ll have to put on my readers!” she laughed. The masked old woman behind her laughed too. Now all three of us were laughing.



Just then the masked older woman in front of me asked, with a dramatic sweeping motion of her arm, “Would you like to go in front of me?” “Oh yes! Thanks so much! You’ve just cancelled your karma with your dharma!” This time four of us were laughing.

I walked out of there heart lifted and expanded, as usual, thinking WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY.

Notice: this simple, powerful song was written and came into prominence during the late ’60s, another extremely tumultuous time. We prevailed. We will prevail again.


Oops! Or will we?


Despite the unrelenting fear propaganda, some of us really are immune. We refuse their stupid jabs designed to wreck our immune systems.  And we give tips to others,  when invited, vaxxed or unvaxxed, about various ways to strengthen their immune systems. 

And then there’s the Zelenko Zstack, if you seek an all-in-one solution.

And every day, we hear of small local victories, especially with the coeur-ageous FREE SPEECH of so-called “domestic terrorist” parents in front of school boards. The latest:

And even in the courts! SAVE THE CHILDREN.

Reminder: Sunday LAF meditation, 8 AM your time zone, tomorrow: LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR.

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