Dr. Peter Breggin, “the conscience of psychiatry,” weighs in on globalist plans for Covid

His conclusion? WE ARE THE PREY, subtitle of his new book, Covid-19 and the Global Predators. 

This 85-year old psychiatrist has been long recognized as “the conscience of psychiatry for his damning critique of lobotomy and electroshock in the 1970s. This critique ignited reform in the psychiatric profession. His work has also provided the foundation for critiques of both psychiatric diagnosis and Big Pharma medications. Breggin speaks up now about the Covid Con, as perhaps the penultimate step towards the enactment of global tyranny. UNLESS: we wake up. NOW. And begin to fight back. We need to stop thinking this rampant global psy-op will just blow over if we keep our heads down. No. We need to break our silence with the weirdly compliant ones around us who got the jab and let them know just how we think and feel, and why; plus: what they can do to mitigate the effects of the poisonous injections.

World Renowned Psychiatrist: ‘Globalist Predators’ Fauci, Gates and Schwab behind the COVID ‘Reign of Terror’


“This is terrifying folks, but it shouldn’t make you anxious, afraid, guilty, ashamed, helpless,” he said. “It should arouse you to look with reason to what in the world is happening in the world.”

Breggin said his book explains in detail how this evil was allowed to take hold.

“It has an ancient history,” he noted, citing Caesar, Genghis Khan, certain African tribes, and the Inca empire.

“There’s always been this tendency to keep people in thrall, he explained.  “What’s happening to us now is not new. It’s not unexpected or unheard of. It’s how humanity has always lived.”

Decades in the making, the globalist plot to create a new world order gained traction during the Obama years.

“In 2010, Bill Gates pronounced ‘the decade of the vaccine,’ and who do you think was right with him as a partner in the declaration? Anthony Fauci.”

. . .

He said Gates at that time was already working with the drug companies to develop what would become to be known as “Operation Warp Speed.”

“Poor, deluded Trump—I love Donald Trump—in a way, deeply for what he has done for America First, and liberty, but he was duped. He couldn’t believe he was duped by everybody.

Breggin said Trump thought he had come up with Operation Warp Speed, but he was only implementing what Gates had come up with in 2017.

. . .

Stop lamenting, stop complaining. Be joyful, and I mean joyful. We won’t always be joyous – be joyful that you are in a moment of time when you can help turn the tide again the way our founders did. We really have an opportunity to get together, create our own institutions, fight back, take big risks. Do you know the founders of our country, each and every one who signed the Declaration of Independence, consciously knew that they had created King George’s hit list. Every single one of them knew that if the war was lost, they’d be sought out and hanged. King George promised it when he saw the list.

My emphasis about, it’s going to get worse. My emphasis is, that’s the plan. The plan always starts with one piece of oppression, two pieces. They work you up, like the proverbial frog in the hot
water, which is probably not a true story, but that’s the metaphor, until you’re cooked, boiled, so it’s inevitable, folks. Don’t wait for it to end. Whoever’s behind Joe, whether it’s his wife, or
Barack Obama. I don’t know why we don’t know. I don’t know who’s not looking hard in that area. I’m sure there’d be a way to find out who’s behind Joe, because it’s not Joe. There’s nothing
inside of Joe much now, but this is the plan. It’s not going to just get better by itself, absolutely will not.

. . .

Breggin predicted that America will see its own French Revolution-style “Reign of Terror.”

“It inevitably goes that way until there’s either a fight back or people become so docile that they only need occasional examples of terrorization,” he said. “We have to fight back. I’ve never put it so clearly in my life, folks, but there’s no doubt about it. This is the situation. I’m not talking about violence. I think we first have to work ourselves up to see if we can do this with just plain dissent. Be like Gandhi, be like Martin Luther King, and take brave risks. I think that’s where we have to go.”


My former brother-in-law and I are busy crafting a letter to send to my sibs (all of whom are vaxed) and include this Breggin post. We will also beg them NOT to get booster shots, since they are many times more poisonous than the first two shots. It’s time to speak up, even if it may cause a rift in the family. Hopefully, that rift will be short-lived. But if not, I will go to my grave knowing I didn’t just slink away, hoping it would all blow over, but STOOD UP,  to take “brave risks.”

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