OCTOBER ASTROLOGY: Four Rx Planets Turn to go Direct . . . Ready, Set, GO!

As of August 30, when volatile Uranus turned to go backwards, there were five planets retrograde, i.e., going over old ground, processing what’s already happened; these included Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Then, beginning September 27, when Mercury turned to go backwards for one of its thrice yearly three-week long retrograde periods, the total increased to SIX planets, all moving backwards, going back over old stuff, in order to prepare for beginning again.

Juan O Savin has called this month Red October, as have a number of other “influencers,” noting that big changes are expected — and hoped for, or dreaded, depending on which “side” you are on.


The turnaround began the very first week, when Pluto turned to go direct on Wednesday, October 6, at 24°18 Capricorn. Remember, during the entire time Pluto is in Capricorn (2008 through 2025), our civilization has been experiencing the slow, inexorable detonation of all the structures, visible and invisible, which have held it together for hundreds of years.

Everybody knows that the key nation to watch is the United States. That as the U.S. goes, so goes the world. And there’s astrological backing for that knowledge: Pluto, now at 24° Capricorn, is to reach 27° Capricorn during these years, which is the degree Pluto occupied when this nation was born on July 4, 1776. Between then and now, we have endured/enjoyed a single gigantic cycle of this planet, this planet of power, either experienced as power over or power from within. Our nation’s first cycle of Pluto, the empire-hungry “power over” era, fueled by the bankster/military/industrial complex, seems to be over, as is appropriate, made obvious especially now, given the debacle in Afghanistan during this nightmarish mirage we call the demented Biden presidency. It’s as if, at the end of this nation’s first Pluto cycle, we are experiencing one long sustained JOKE, as either a clone, or one of the doubles, is trotted out for public appearances and then, usually, withdrawn prior to media questions.

It appears that the chant, “Fuck Joe Biden,” has now gone viral, in every maskless crowd that gathers, defying his “mandate,” though the vaxxed MK Ultra hypnotized folks who still think the Covid Con was real, and now, apparently don’t want to know just how real the vax is, continue to “follow” the rules, like good girls and boys.

What happened during that first week of October leading up to and including the Pluto turning moment? Well, for one thing, one Australian premier went down, thanks to being exposed for having taken Pfizer bribes.  Oh yeah, then there’s the fear-mongering La Palma volcanic eruption, ongoing, and some claim, threatening to take out the entire east coast of the U.S. with a tsunami. Geez!

Me? I find it hard not to just stay present, and just show up for what’s going on NOW. And as the saying goes, at this point in this astonishing climax to likely thousands of years of enslaved human history, “Yesterday’s conspiracy is today’s headline.” Yes. It really is impossible to “keep up” with the news, since, thanks to the internet, rather than being fed a single narrative by lockstep MSM, we are “treated” to millions upon millions of continuously fractionating views of mysterious, mutating “reality,” each view either cooperating or competing with all the rest,  a “dot” to be connected, somehow, somewhere, to other dots, but the right dots! — in order to “make sense,” good clear sense? No. But at least some kinda sense, we think, we hope, as we endeavor to catch our breath, find our feet in the onrushing onslaught.

Meanwhile, I continue to notice on my daily walks, that, strangely enough, during this dramatic climactic era in human his-story, I find it easy, natural, and pleasurable to connect with “strangers,” either in their cars, or also walking, all of us with a smile, a wave hello, and even a “Good morning!” Many of these moments last an eternity, opening into the fluidic ocean of oneness in which we are all immersed, and which becomes more and more— not exactly visible, but felt, as transit Neptune seems at this late date in its flow through its home sign of Pisces (2012-2025) to be coaxing us all into a single unified current of awareness, an inner knowing that all the deception and lies (also Neptunian, unevolved Neptune) cannot hold a candle to the truth. And, as Trump said, and was endlessly quoted, during his latest rally, in Iowa, “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE.”

Whistleblowers used to be few and far between. Now they flood in and out from everywhere, a few of them fakes (like the fb whistleblower to CNN), each one with information in their own fields of expertise inside their own little corner of the monstrous, crumbling technocratic oligarchic edifice that, a few years ago, would have blown our socks off. But now, we see and hear them and we think, yes, of course, I already knew that. Or, yes, of course, that makes sense of all the rest I’m hearing.

What used to shock us, what we refused to believe, it is so awful, so evil, so monstrous (like the blackmail and bribery involved in the most lucrative currency in the world, global child trafficking, adrenachrome, SRA) we now take for granted. We hardly blink an eye. That’s how far we’ve come in our Great Awakening!


Okay, so today October 11, 2021, we have a new astrological turning point: strict, stern, disciplined, karmic, organized, structural Saturn turns to go direct at 6°52 Aquarius. And it’s becoming obvious, we actually have been using this Saturn retrograde period (since May 23, 2021), to begin to plan and organize together, cooperate with each other in the Aquarian manner as equals, to experiment with building parallel structures that can replace what is being detonated. Examples: Teachers quitting to home school groups of kids. Medical personnel quitting gigantic corporate, corrupt hospital systems and their murderous protocols to build their own cooperative healing practices. Many thousands of internet “truthers” replacing the obviously dying MSM, despite increasing Big Tech censorship.

And, just this morning:

Podmate Gabby just reminded me that today is the day when the Ghislaine Maxwell is to drop her “little black book” of names. Oh boy! I say, rubbing my hands together in long-awaited anticipation . . .

Okay, what next? What else will thunder forth today as yet another crashing cymbal alerting us to the ongoing purgation/transformation of our entire so-called “civilized” world? Not even Covid can stop it. Indeed, Covid has been one of the biggest spurs to awakening. The more they try to crush us, the more powerful we become, uncovering the Plutonian life force inside our divine depths and roaring into aliveness. No more! No more! Millions upon millions in all the cities of the world rising up as one to protest and say NO! No to the so-called Great Reset. YES to our Great Awakening.

Okay, heads up. Next week we have two more planets turning to go direct, and they will do so on the very same day: 


Monday, October 18: Mercury turns after three weeks retrograde, and Jupiter turns after its retrograde period which began on June 20th. Mercury: the mind, communication, transportation. Perhaps the log jam of container ships will begin to clear? Perhaps airlines will come to their senses, given the increasingly massive unification of their employees against the jab? Perhaps those who have been obfuscating will begin to tell the truth? Perhaps even part of the fake news MSM will get the picture, and, um, turn — to report what’s really happening?

And Jupiter! Ah Jupiter, that great generous, expansive being signifying visions and values that stem from one’s philosophical/theological point of view. Who has a conscience? Who has a soul? Is it hard to tell these days? I think not, given the increasingly pathetic psychopathic behavior of those still greedy for money, power and control over others.  After Monday October 18, I have a sense those without contact with their own souls will begin to be exposed like never before. And that divine justice will at last begin to prevail.

I cannot even begin to imagine the kinds and amounts of stunning, astonishing, breathtaking info to be revealed beginning on Monday, October 18th. As Juan O Savin said, we need 80% of the populace to be unified before we can really do anything about the stolen election. Otherwise, it’s civil war. And it may still become civil war — unless we realize that this is what “they” want, for us to get violent, go to out-of-control, so that they can then “justify” crushing us with their superior weapons. So don’t!

Remember, Gandhi, one of our non-violent exemplars, who warned: “AN EYE FOR AN EYE JUST MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND.”

Yes, instead, keep on resisting tyranny, speaking out, organizing with others cooperatively to formalize parallel structures, all the while laughing, smiling, joyfully creating we, the people’s brand new world that, yes, will take many years to become even somewhat steady and serene. Meanwhile, we’re in for the tumultuous ride of our lives as the corrupt economy collapses, the corrupt religious system collapses, the corrupt political, big tech and media systems collapse, the corrupt educational and medical systems collapse . . .

In the end, as in the beginning, each of us is a sovereign soul, at one with all. It’s time we sense that, know that, stand up for that, center deeply inside that, LOVE that. Love, each of us, our own infinitely precious, beautiful, unique embodied being.

Yes! And then, says Jupiter . . .

Go forth and multiply!

P.S. Two more outer planets, currently retrograde, turn to go direct in coming months: Neptune in December, Uranus in January. Not much breathing room. Learn to surf!





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