Philippe Argillier: Who Controls the Whole World? 38 people.

Whenever I read about people in high places who claim to have access to, and seem to definitively analyze, and come to conclusions about, what appear from the outside to be hidden webby entanglements of data points and networks of various kinds, I start to think of mycellium, that vast hidden webby underground network that nourishes and connects plants to one another from below, showing itself only in its “fruits” — mushrooms.

There is no single point from which mycellium grows. No “final cause,” one might say. Nature apparently doesn’t work that way. Nature doesn’t make pyramidal structures in which “power” flows top to bottom the same way humans do, with the “top dog” at the tippy top point who controls all the rest.

Have you noticed? Always, we contemporary humans tend to ask: “Who is ultimately responsible for . . .” whatever we think is happening! If we could only find that one person or group (or that single, or group of, ET species?), we could then just lop off that identified head of this monstrous mechanism and be done with it. Unless of course, it’s “hydra-headed,” which is becoming more and more the way some of us think about who controls what. And to call something hydra-headed, to see the monster as an octopus, a part of nature! I.e., we begin to smear our usual way of thinking.

In the western world, we have been indoctrinated to believe in “logic,” with assumptions at the top, sense data at the bottom, and rules for the flow from one to the other, bottom to top (evidence that “proves” assumptions) and top to bottom (the usually unnoticed framework, or window, or lens, through which we interpret what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste).  And, we are indoctrinated to believe in “linear chains,” lines that flow “logically” from top to bottom, bottom to top. And always, we seek to know “what” (or “who”) is at the top? Who is ultimately responsible for whatever we think is going on? Who to blame?

But what if nature works more according to the Buddhist way of seeing/being, what is called “co-dependent arising.” Everything is working together, moving together; there’s no sure way of either separating anything out from anything else, or of saying “this causes that.” All that we call “reality” moves and breathes together.

To my mind, the Buddhist approach to reality is much more natural, akin to the phenomenon of mycellium webs threaded throughout nature from below, nourishing all unreservedly.

Or, in the case of trying to figure out who’s responsible for the plandemic, poisoning all unreservedly!

The above is my intuitive hunch, which I attempt to describe in this somewhat off-the-cuff conjecture about the relative value of this and other videos by “experts” who investigate what appear to be the hidden networks behind surface reality. This case, our expert calls it the Shadow Government, a relatively old term, and I wonder if he would equate it to what, in the past few years, we have been identifying as the Deep State?

When I think of either term, I think especially of immense heaving bloated unelected bureaucratic structural edifices that seek to protect and expand whatever are already included in their domains. In other words, it seems obvious to me that this is the inescapable nature of human-made bureaucracies, that, unless curbed, they do tend to entrench and expand. Think of it. You’re someone somewhere in the middle of a bureaucracy, say the head of some department or other. In order to advance in rank, move up in the bureaucratic pyramid, you seek to expand the programs under your control, hire new workers to staff them, etc. The more you control and enlarge, the more likely you will climb up the proverbial ladder of “success,” — and, the larger, more extensive the bureaucracy of which you are a part.

But here’s a man who’s more like Dr. David Martin, in that he also is looking at making sense of the extraordinary complexity of whatever is going on behind the appearances, and he also sees his version of the malevolent, machiavellian structure behind it, discerned, in this case, by long contemplation of what he calls four “data bases” that he now owns, which link people, functions, programs, and organizations together, and all subsumed to, what he thinks are the top dogs, those 38 people who control the whole world.

What I do very much appreciate about this Frenchman, Philippe Argillier, is his statement that he is motivated by his consciousness (by which I assume he means “conscience”). Whether or not his analysis of the networks that invisibly circle the whole world really do have an actual tippy top, where those 38 reside, I have of course no idea. But I do think it may behoove us to think more in terms of mycellium, because when we do, we realize that what’s really going on, is some people are NOT motivated, as he is by conscience. That in fact they have no conscience. That they are psychopaths, with no remorse, who will do anything to get where they want to go. And that these soulless people, when they get together, tend to create poisonous mycellium networks with poisoned fruit: the corrupted institutions that govern our world: banking, government, medicine, media, academia, entertainment, and so on.  And that, finally, it may be the case that the question: who controls the whole thing? is itself not even real. Any webby mycellium “structure” can be analyzed in myriads of ways, but you’re never going to be able to say “here is where it starts,” this is the first cause and that the final cause. Because the linear thinking of our left brains is, simply, way too simplistic to actually be able to fully describe the mysterious underworld, whether it be that created by humans and now called the Shadow Government, or that called mycellium, found in the soil of the natural world.

So, for me, the point of all this is, have a conscience. Be an ethical person. Do not let yourself get roped into any of these poisonous webs that have permeated our planet.

And to do that, to have a conscience, means to attune to one’s own divine, immortal, sovereign soul.


5 thoughts on “Philippe Argillier: Who Controls the Whole World? 38 people.

  1. Thank you Ann for publishing your thoughts on this topic as commentary about the interview with Mr Argillier. I’ve just watched it myself earlier this day and upon searching for his name I came across your article in the top 5 search results. While that is in and of itself interesting, I would like to add a couple of thoughts to yours as to contribute like one mycelium node would with another.

    Mr Argillier decribes the layers of the pyramidal world power structure as (from bottom to top)

    – NGO’s & Political parties who are the foot soldiers to the deep state

    – the Deep State – who are compromised government employees and politicians who enact the shadow government agendas

    – the Shadow Government – those 38 billionaires and global leaders who still are not quite at the very top of string pulling

    – finally leaving the “Head of the snake” who would be the actual leaders of said shadow government, those invisible people who may very well dwell anywhere, even moving freely among us, the common people

    > see the home page of for a graphic representation of this concept structure.

    Mr Argillier is very adamant with his explanations of this structure, even correcting the summary the interviewer is giving.


    Secondly, I’d like to contribute to the notion of “conscience” as in your article you refer to having a conscience as being an ethical person, meaning a “good” person.

    Conscience can be defined as “conformity to one’s own sense of right conduct” and when our own thinking distinguishes ‘good’ from ‘bad’ and attributes words like “conscience” with a quality of goodness… automatically branding those (people) who appear to have the “wrong” ethics or “no” conscience as they or the “other” … meaning the bad guys … that simply reinforces the binary driven framework of good vs evil and right vs wrong or what we may call linear or pyramidal in power structure. (The us vs them paradigm)

    In that sense, your written thought flow itself seems to be governed by the linear world and not the mycelial concept of a webby, interconnected, interdependent structure.

    If you were truly contemplating this entire thing from a mycelial network perspective, a right/wrong morality would not need to exist, since as you are correctly stating that … “Any webby mycellium “structure” can be analyzed in myriads of ways, but you’re never going to be able to say “here is where it starts,” this is the first cause and that the final cause.” … you however seem to maintain in your conclusion that to have a conscience is a ‘good’ thing or to be a “good” person.

    When considering that the “evil” ones ALSO may have a guiding conscience, albeit one that “we” may not approve of according to our governing moral paradigms, we may begin to get some sense of comprehension in the matter of global influences within the webby structure of this organism we like to call humanity.


    Thirdly, the non-linear thinking we are able to tap into with our heart, spirit and soul (sometimes called love in action, or compassion) also holds the key for our linear brains to operate within an overall sense of divine unity.
    By this same dynamic, access points are opening to our individual ‘identities’ and by extension our emotional decisions that drive our physical actions. Some people would picture this as “demons may enter our being through our (emotional) wounds”
    This is one mechanism that moves (triggers) humans to act in immoral ways against their own moral kin.
    This may be seen as the Archilles heel of any morality, keeping in mind that an “evil” morality also forms a framework within which one operates and that would be seen as having a conscience in THAT moral world.

    In short – what we may call the “evil” or “dark” conscience IS what will guide “their” decisions, perspectives and actions.

    We can observe this when certain politicians impose rules onto the populous which may very well be congruent with their morality but appear as evil in ours.

    I hope this is clear enough to show that “they” may not actually operate against THEIR conscience at all. Their conscience simply holds true within their value system but that may not be true, valuable and right to “us”.


    So finallly, in this context – Mr Argillier’s approach makes complete sense and may indeed contain the seed for a transformation of our world into something quite new, or shall we say, more complete or whole in terms of that which is often called salvation.
    In the interview he talks about how certain people who were trying to be heard in their own right had been dismissed as “terrorists” etc but then attacked the west with mass killings, citing revenge. He shares the story of his daughter being close to the incidents that happened in France.

    (It is interesting to consider the widespread labeling of “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists” and equating them with being “domestic terrorists” as per the actual words of Biden and his cohort.)

    So with Argillier’s approach, he is basically attempting to deliver a cease and desist “order” to those he perceives as the ultimate evil string pullers, the puppet masters of humanity. The “data banks” may simply serve as access points to “their” moral compass, “their” wounded souls and provide that long awaited leverage to fuel the transformation of a world of war into a world of peace.


    1. Thank you for the thoughtful response to my post. Very much appreciate that you took the time to identify and summarize the various layers of what Philippe Argellier sees as the puppet masters of humanity. Also, and especially, appreciated that you called me out on the apparent binary nature of my thinking process about human conscience, re: our constant free will choice between Good and Evil. It definitely makes me think! One way of replying to you: to me, anything less “binary,” at this point in human history, slides into relativism, where anything goes. I speak only of humans. I assume humans have souls. I assume some humans are attuned to their own souls, and that those who are, “have a conscience,” i.e., they decide how to act depending on their assessment of right and wrong. To have a conscience, however is not identical with having an agenda, and it appears to me, that you may have conflated the two in speaking about the various “consciences” of non-human beings.

  2. well, yes. Regarding relativism within humanity one only has to look at say beheadings being the “right” thing to do in one culture vs being the “wrong” thing to do in another. Do those who do the beheading have souls? Do they have a conscience or an agenda? If we would like to stop beheadings we need to offer some sort of paradigm that creates a conscience which dictates that beheadings are “wrong”. So in the context of binary law and order there will always be rights and wrongs – this is morality. Morality itself cannot be right or wrong, good or bad unless we view any particular moral framework from another (a relative) perspective. If we live within one morality, other moralities may appear as “bad” or evil to us simply becasue our dominant perspective demands it.

    1. It might be that binary is an architectural feature of 3D reality, and that when we attempt to see through all the conundrums it poses with perspectives showing relativity we find ourselves “ascending” to a more inclusive dimension, 4D, 5D, etc.

  3. Thank you Stew & Mr Argillier, for giving us a glimpse of the real & true Evil that have been operating behind the seen from before the beginning of this earth time. Growing up with most of this information, was sometime very disturbing, because it did not make sence at all. However, in the last couple of years, all the Bible prophecies from Genesis to Revelation, have been coming to life before our eyes. I pray that the precious blood of Jesus will cover each & everyone of you, to continue the work that was started & that the armies of the Most High God, Yeshua, will surround you day & night, until it is His time to expose Satan’s doings. God bless you all.

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